Friday, August 19, 2011

My life in a nutshell...

Really, the other day I had to go out
on my back deck and
S C R E A M.

(glad we live in the woods)
But I did feel a little better
after that.

I don't even like roller coasters
but for a few months now
I swear I've been on one.

Wedding planning for my son's
big day next summer.

Just had the cake tasting this week
with him and the bride's mom and sister.
His love was working and she
trusts him with more than her heart.
no that skinny one
with the tater tot boobs
isn't me
(girls in photo are just stand ins)

Another UP UP UP

Getting my son ready for college.
We leave in the morning for A&M WHOOP!BUT................
after getting him settled and before
my love and I return to our
empty nest...

We are going to send two nights
at the Hyatt Resort in Lost Pines.
Celebrating our 36th anniversary!

Sorry, I know I said, "My life in a nutshell," and I usually am a chick of few words but I guess this is kinda like therapy. 36 years and just now taking my baby to college? Yes. His name is Samuel~~asked of the Lord. I had many years of hoping, wishing, and praying before he came. So it seems that my dear hubby and I have had our journey in sections. Many years of just us, then parents, and now looking forward to the next turn.

Still another UP UP UP
My MIL's Kitchen Band at the retirement home. (she's the one in the white shirt on the far right) We practice every Saturday morning. But not tomorrow...remember I'm heading for College Station. These ladies are so sweet. This picture was a couple months ago when they boarded their Horizon Bay bus and traveled to a nearby nursing home to entertain the 'old folks.' We do have fun and music is such a spirit lifter.



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Remember Me?

Romantic Homes

I feel as though I've been treading water
in order to survive.
As you can see the water has calmed
and I'm ready for a little rest.

Reading through my newest
Romantic Homes,
my decorating soul was
captured by...
Gina Galvin's Peacock Paradise
I skipped to my computer
for a search...
I needed to see more.

On her blog
Peacock Park Design
on the side bar
was the WWC she was in.
I remembered her story
was one I loved.

Now I can't wait to learn more
about her, but first I just had
to share with you.

Hope I haven't been forgotten...