Friday, July 31, 2009

From Shabby Chic to...

...just plain shabby!
What do I mean?

Lazy Saturday morning lying in this iron bed,
painted just the right shade of shabby pink,
with the view of...

this ceiling... thinking...

I sure would like to see the rest of that room.
It's got to be over the top!


With a closet full of pink shabby ruffles...

How does a girl decide what to wear?

Neither one would do for tending the garden.
I wish I had a pair of shabby pink overalls.

No it wasn't the heat out in the garden today
that gave Ms Victoria Bun a headache.

It was...
Leaving her 500 babies unattended
in the house!

Now that's just plain shabby!

500 babies...that's not why Ms Victoria Bun
has a headache...

...from Mr. Bunny's perspective
it doesn't look too shabby at all!

I'm sorry but I just couldn't resist.
I was looking for shabby pink overalls
for the garden and this popped up.
Just looked like a cute fluffy bunny tail.

Shabby Shady Saturday down here at
Rock Candy's...
now back to sweet pinks with
Beverly--How Sweet The Sound


July/August Birthday Wishes

Busy cleaning my crafting room and
came across this and thought...

Well I'll just post that for you

B i R t H d A y G a L s ! ! !


I erased the signature in case
you would like to send to someone
a little on the shady side ;-)


Thursday, July 30, 2009

I've started and can't STOP!

Thrifting Thursday is perfect for me because
I take my son into the village for fiddle lessons.

I tried to be good today
after my little junkin' yesterday
so I headed for the library.
Checked out a few books but
uh oh just enough time...

I'll just go look. Have you ever used that one
on yourself?

25c baskets, little two-tier tray,
three-section glass tower,
large leather scrap book cover...

vintage little bear and cart,
and even though this cute little cup has a chip,
I want to make on of those candle sticks like
Spencer. She gave a little tutorial and if you go by
please, tell her I sent you ;-)

Bed linens--king skirt, 2 shams, & a small pillow--all $3

Now just like yesterday...remember the dumpster part?

This one was next to a storage unit place. People
clean out and toss...good stuff!

My son helped dig and load with me
but just rolling his eyes saying, "That's enough!"

Isn't this a cool old bottle?

Table with book ledge...any suggestions on paint?

The trunk was in two pieces but do you think that
bothers me?

and grandma's SINGER!

~Junkin' Candy Pooh~

Undeserved Mercy!

Feasting on His Word today...

He has set a table before me...

It is good to give thanks to the LORD,
and to sing praises to Thy Name, O Most High;
to declare Thy lovingkindness in the morning,
and Thy faithfulness by night.

Psalm 92:1-2


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Advice from the Pooh!

Sounds like good advice and I did make a little
list of things to look out for.

Looks like by the smile on his face,
Pooh thinks I did pretty good.
Two more containers for my cactus container garden...
the brass fondue pot and the silver soup terrine.

Angel pedestal will be great for a cake platter.
And the two greenish blue cups will be nice
the next time Terry comes to visit.
(Thought of you, girl friend, when I saw these ;-)

Doll heads, they were on the list but I couldn't remember
if my project idea called for hair or no hair.
Got both, one blue eyed and the other brown.

O.K. this next picture you're probably thinking...
looks like a pile trash! But this is where
T h I R f T y T h U r S d A Y
really kicks in...

So... as I'm leaving the thrift store I head around back
to check out a FREE chair which just happened to
be right next to the dumpster.

No you didn't!

Did you?

You bet I did!!!

His & hers ice skates, upholstery material--new,
silk scarfs, pair of good leather gloves,
and a bit more odds and ends.

Dixie, I could hear these calling your name.
At least that one in the middle--Am I right?

It took all I could to keep from climbing up into that
thing and digging all the way to the bottom.
I may go back after dark. Anybody want to
come hold the flash light?


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wordless White Wednesday

Enter through this awesome white archway...
into the world of Faded Charm.



Monday, July 27, 2009


Tuesdays are a busy time...full of memes.

Hope you enjoy my collection of
interesting things,
cute things,
beautiful things,
just things that catch my eye.

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Victorian-ish-type technology

Real working computers made from vintage parts

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Not just one, not just two but 3 or more
Cute things, lots of cute things!

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bought this magazine today

my thoughts about you!