Saturday, December 31, 2011

Turning the page on a New Year

Books aren't just for reading anymore.

ENTER the portal...
and turn on the light of your imagination

These are from my 'gathering ideas'
for Weddings
the theme is...

'Our LOVE story begins here'
different take on the ring pillow

turning the page on a


hope yours is
and not much drama.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Block Puzzle

As with most of my projects I jump in before
grabbing the camera,
so this is only an example of
what I started with.
A block puzzle toy from the thrift store...a buck or two.
My mind in wedding mode...
SAVE-the-DATE May 19, 2012.
Thinking of putting puzzles on the
reception tables.

Here's my first attempt...
Samuel, my sweet precious baby boy
Bernadette "Bernie"
She's was a California girl, he's a Texan
so how did they find each other?
they were wearing the same glasses...
really just 3D IMAX shades.
this Christmas
I noticed the faces are off a bit. I'll try to let it slide
but I may have to redo
(one out of six ain't bad)
Now it's off to the thrift store
on the hunt for more puzzles.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home of Tomes

I am fascinated with rooms full of books. Not sure why because I don't seem to be an avid reader. My learning style is more through pictures not words. As I write...a thought bubble begins to fill with words. Maybe that's why you are fascinated...knowing there is a mystery to be discovered in the words.
Maybe it's because I love layers of texture.
Just as books come in all
shapes and sizes...
massive libraries with room to twirl
but I'm more drawn into this room.
That vintage velvet tufted chair
seems to beckon...
come and sit.
Take a trip
to another place,
another time.
Maybe with me it's the hunt.

And I would love this one even if
there weren't any books,
leopard prints drive me wild.
How about a house with a hidden
and even if you don't read much...
a stack of books can come in handy.
Revamping my family room
and working toward a wall of books.

So that' how it stacks up round here.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas-time to share

Here's my little elf that Dixie gave me the other day.
We got together and had a party with our elf-selves.
And now she sits on the shelf
all by herself.

Well not really all by herself...
On each side are pics of my
sweet baby Samuel (born 1992)
Every year I took a picture of him
in a Santa hat.
Here he is holding a little vintage snowman
from my childhood~~1950's
And a few more Christmas decorations I grew up with...
this tall felt-embellished story book
Night Before Christmas
and this standing velvet-suited Santa.
The candy book isn't vintage but
we girls (I'm a middle daughter)
got one every year full of

Merry Christmas to all
and to all a
Good Night!

~~Candy Cane~~