Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Locked in the top of the tower,
the princess makes the best
of a bad situation.
Country Summer 2007

Funny things are happening here in blogland. Never was I passionate about pink or wild about white. But all that is by beautiful post and page by page of dazzling magazines. And just last week as soon as my eyes fell on this piece I had to have it. A pleasing pink and off white pottery Lazy Susan set. It is rather large...17" across.
There are no markings on the back of the center bowl but on the back of each dish is Valley Vista Calf U.S.A. #102. I did some research, a bit interesting, but the company is not longer in business.

So as you can dreams are becoming
as sweet as pink cotton candy.

Thanks to Beverly, the gal
that keeps this part of the week
How Sweet The Sound

Sweet Dreams

Happy Friday Wishes

Thank you Marie Reed for hosting
PFF every Friday.

May you all walk on heavenly pathways
this weekend.

As we enter into the month of

Thank you all for the joy
you bring into my world.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Memories of the BIG WISH BOOK

Not exactly sure why this
1902 Edition of
The SEARS, ROEBUCK Catalogue
is on our shelf. Probably a reproduction
of the original. I'll have to ask my
MIL about it today on our
outing into the big city to
run some errands.

Celebrating RED & WHITE Wednesday...

And here's a little BLACK & WHITE
From yesterday's performance at a nursing home. The band did a western show and although I play ukulele I couldn't resist a photo opt while carrying in the bass fiddle for one of the band members. Someone asked me if those braids were real...Why they shore are ma'am!

Playing around down here in Texas,
you gotta have a fiddle in the band.

Hope ya take time to visit these two
Wednesday party ladies...

Sue for REDnesday at
It's A Very Cherry World!


Kathleen for WHITE WEDNESDAY at
Faded Charm Cottage.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Boy, does Ruby TUESDAY have
a story for you today. Straight from

This first one was snatched up
I mean extremely fast
on a recent thrifting outing.

A beaded vintage collar.
As you can see from the label I hit pay dirt!
This one may soon find its way to my
RockCandy Shop, so if you're interested
keep watch or just say so in your comment.

Now for a few in my collection from
the family trunk for...

#1 Mink and
beaded vintage collar.

Mink, gold colored cording, with
pearl tear-drop beads.

Pearls & silver collar

#3 Silver crocheted base with
pearl beads and white fur accents.

Hope you enjoyed the show.
And there's more to see at
2nd Time Around at A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words
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Ruby Tuesday at Work of the Poet


Sunday, October 25, 2009

How do you spell MONDAY?

B * L * U * E

The perfect pair of blue shoes
for my Blue Monday
I would keep the blue shoes
in this yellow desk
with the alphabet block pulls.
In the drawer RC for RockCandy.

Y * E * L * L * O * W

And here is a collection to honor the
A * B * C
little wooden treasures.

M * O * S * A * I * C

(click to enlarge for every detail)

For a How-To on the frig magnets...
plumpudding: Alphabet block magnets

To purchase the vintage clock...

And to read about the people blocks...


This MONDAY is brought to you by...
Smiling Sally for BLUE MONDAY

The Drowsey Monkey for MELLOW YELLOW


I'm Dancing in the Clouds!!!

I shared about an incredible art class coming to the KC Willis Lipstick Ranch taught by the talented Lesley Venable of Flatwoods Folk Art. Even though I wouldn't be able to attend the class (darn) I could share about the event and get my name in the hat to win one of her Bound Reliquaries. (See my post from September)
Lesley decided that one book giveaway wasn't enough so she will make two custom for me and the other for Dawn of The Feathered Nest. This is so cool!!! Dawn is the one who got me blogging in the first place.
So girls I am doing the happy dance
here at RockCandy.

Thank you Dawn for inviting me
into Bloggerville
Thank you Lesley for picking
my name.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Glory B's Shop

Terry and Candy on the loose again.
Seriously, I think these girls need
some intervention.

So I snapped a few pictures in the shop which is not too shabby and white chic from the front to the back. But I couldn't miss this sweet pink face and the little needle point pink pillow behind her. Just in time for

And right next door is the Antique Mall where Dixie of French Lique, Texas has a fluffy pink booth. It was bloomin' with this pretty handbag and a chair full of pillows. Terry and I just oohed and aahed over each one.
Pretty * Pink * Please
stop by Beverly's How Sweet The Sound
She is such a faithful hostess of this ever so
popular meme.

Hope you'll have a good one!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing Vintage Black Friday

This is my first time to play. And it's not too late for you. Gypsy Brocante is hosting this limited meme and it is so once, twice or every Friday until November 27th. WHY? First reason is to share a bit of black in any form you choose. Second reason, to get your name in the running for a SHOPPING SPREE AT GYPSY BROCANTE. And there's more so if you're interested pop over and check out the details.

So to kick off my collection today...
a pair of vintage black velvet boots.

Country Living
Martha Stewart

Hoping your week was full of adventure
and your weekend will be full of rest.

See ya around bloggerville!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If you haven't heard about this sweet pillow
please hurry over and leave a comment at
A Gathering Place
Rebecca is a real sweetie pie who will
welcome you to her place.

It's All About Rust

As you know anything metal when left out in the elements turns a wonderful vintage shade of rust. And for reasons I can't explain, I love that look. So today I am showing some of my rusty things and a few that belong to other lovers of rust. So first off, I'd like to welcome you to the garden, pull up a rusty WHITE WEDNESDAY chair and enjoy this little tour.
Faded Charm has a giveaway on her post today.

or maybe a bench you would prefer...
next to the REDNESDAY flowers.Must be the season...she's having a giveaway too!

Or how 'bout a bed? A bottle bed. Not sure what Goldilocks would have to say about this one. I worked all day on this area. Pulling grass, planting a few new things. Next spring they will look great but right now...pretty sad. I exchanged with a neighbor, some wandering purple plants for some taller purple bloomers. Also gathered more rocks for the border and extended the walkway, making it wider.
Just got this stove at the Fredericksburg Flea Market for $5. The sewing machine I found in a dumpster. Yes, I am a dumpster diver if the moment is right! How do you like the 'bottle quilt'? And for those odds and ends pieces, I just hang 'em on
a cedar stump.

Thanks for stopping by and remember there
are more places to visit...always more places.