Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My first time...don't know why
cause I'm a native.
Guess my gypsy spirit has
taken a while to come into focus.

If ya see me...give a shout!
Will be there Thursday only
but it's a start...


There is a new
crazy quilter
on the scene.
She's from...ooolala...France.

Present Passe

I love the way she incorporates
vintage photos
fancy embroider
y stitching

If these things make your heart
go pitter pat...
you're in for a treat.



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Push the BUTTON!

Been collecting those vintage buttons
just waiting for the right
project to come along?

I love, love, love this
wedding wonderful
from Star Wars.

Wish I could get married
all over again...

Here's a more simple design
but just as pretty.

Would be so cute on a
little shabby chic baby.

vintage button label
homemade button cards

Couldn't remember where I saw this it!

Hope I've given you
something to think about.

Now go bust your buttons!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tickle Day!

Heading out into the woods to rake.
Just a few flowers have started
popping up their little heads.
And the trees are budding
out with fresh, bright green leaves.

aaahhhhhh Spring!

Happy Saturday


Monday, March 14, 2011

Illusions Gallery

Perfect pose for Spring break

The Princess out of School
Edward Robert Hughes

and dreaming of a Blue Monday
I'm collecting pics for my hutch re-do
Love this shade of blue

also love this French Blue chair
no time to sit...gotta run.....
another busy day here at the Rock

joining the
Smiling Sally


Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Green!

Texas days are warming and green is sprouting
and the garden fairies are happy.
I've been pouring over my garden magazines
and I do hope that this year
I get a garden shed all my own.
Country Sampler Decorating Ideas June 2000
Love Rebecca's philosophy... 'I buy what I like and just fit it in."
My garden leans toward the wild and native side
but I would love to have a curtain of
roses in a corner of the yard...
safe and secure from the native and exotic deer
in our neighborhood.
Along with the regular white tail deer
we have large fallow deer which are like
goats, they will eat ANYTHING!
I can hear them now...
"What! did you say Rock Candy
just planted roses....yum!"
Point the way....
And these are Black Buck Antelope
Yesterday I was returning from thrifting with my Mother and there were about 20 of these critters walking, single file, down my drive way. I say, "Darn, wish I had my camera so I could share with my BGFs...bloggin' girlfriends.

Hope all my BGFs have a fantastic weekend!


ps...just discovered Rebecca's blog
Rebecca Ersfeld for Vintage Living

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Comfort Zones

love the vintage wallpaper

millers location-shoot factory
canopy in the corner...yes!

need a pretty little card to work with?
take this one
she could
she did


Friday, March 4, 2011

TIME for a change...
People tease me all the time about the changes that happen in my nest. I am always fluffing, shifting and moving, adding or taking away. I love it! Traveling around blogland can get one's creative juices flowing and that's just what happened here. Saw the above photo on and things started flying round here...Time that's funny...cluckle
My hubby's parents ran the oldest
Mom & Pop shop in Houston...
The Little Watch Shop.
So clocks and watches and parts abound.
This particular one was brought in for repair and never picked up. There was a black dot under the bird symbol which my man recognized so he very carefully scraped to reveal the whole. How it got here? Some other family's secret.
these sale and antique mall
This black clock with gold inlay
sat, with this metal harpist on it,
for years and years in my in-laws home.
A young watch maker to be...
my father-in-law.
time to love

today is all we have


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wild & Colorful

I did...didn't like it!

I like what Magnolia Pearl says...

More is never enough~

Hope your weekend is wild & colorful


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Family Secrets

I must digress a bit from my last post...before discovering Theresa's Birthday giveaway I had been drooling--I mean scrolling through Mamie Jane's and all her creativity. I love junker's and their inspirational projects and Jane had one that I just had to try. Since I was going thrifting with some girlfriends yesterday I had a list of things to look for. One was a little shadow box and there it was at Goodwill for $2.99 (measures 12 x 12)
Off came the little roses
so I could display some
family treasures
from the past.
Added some vintage paper for the background
and sanded and rubbed on a little stain.
Now relics tucked away out of site
are showcased for all to see.
Like this silver pocket knife and
leather coin purse with needlepoint insert.
A little matchbox size of STANLEY'S Metal Seals,
H of course and still got some in it,
and a tiny purse.
This rough leather one has orange stitching along the bottom (original or a patch job?--family secret) holds this little what we will never know--another family secret. And a pair of glasses or should I say glass since one is missing. Probably fell in the suitcase or trunk that the key goes to.

Thanks to Jane the junker for
stimulating my
own creative juices.

And I'm joining up with
WOW Us Wednesday at
Savvy Southern Style

Faded Charm