Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding Blues

Happy Blues with
Blue Monday and Smiling Sally
Vintage books, bottles, & vases...OH MY!

more wedding planning today
meeting my girlfriend in the village
so gotta run........

But why run when you can bounce?
and as Tigger would say...
fun, fun, fun

The wonderful thing about
Rock Candy is
IIIII'm the only one!

Friday, January 27, 2012

new adventures in BLISS

This put a twirl in my step all day long....
"It takes courage to let go of things when you are holding on to them for security. It takes bravery to let go of the vague fears, the what-ifs, the 'better safe than sorry' mentality. But that way of thinking can hold you back from new adventures.
The whole point of being brave
is to experience life more fully,
to follow your bliss."
Judi Culbertson
inspiration from ariannbelle

Playing with fabric,
coffee stained muslin flower,
vintage black flower trim,
& quote to help me remember to

follow my bliss


Monday, January 23, 2012

Double Take

You know how it is when you come across something...for the second time? First time it just blinks in and blinks out until the time is right. Tick-Tock! When this gal, Iris Apfel, popped onto my screen the other day, I had a flash back only it was forward...a flash forward.
I don't see myself as a Red Hatter but if there was a BIG Black Glasses group, I'd be first in line. I would even cut my locks off for this one.
"Life's way too beautiful and fascinating
to spend time on fashion rules."

This lady has a flair for over the top and seems to have a following who find her fashion " — a more-is-more mix of haute couture and hippie trimmings that appears at a glance to have been blended in a Cuisinart." I've always thought of hallways as wasted real estate...until now. Of course one might feel the need to waltz down this one. one-two-three this side, one-two-three that side, then twirl while taking in some artwork or reading a title or two.
"When you don't dress like everyone else,
you don't have to think like everyone else."
Iris Apfel

Look out ladies...I feel a
Candy Apfel
in the making!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

merry heart

This little framed piece was in my mr's aunt's home. When the fullness of her life was complete, family came around to gather what they wanted...only I saw value in this tiny, hand-written piece of the past. Many years have passed so I don't recall where it sat in her home...on a dresser, on her desk, or maybe on the kitchen window sill for daily reflection. I can only wonder what experience lead her to pen this scripture and frame it. Perhaps because she never had any children, we will never know. I wish Aunt Det (short for Colette) could know that this piece of the past is treasured in my home and every time I pass and makes my heart merry.

Hope this Sunday finds you
with a merry heart


Friday, January 20, 2012

Dressed to Wed

Today is wedding dress
shopping day.
Going with my soon-to-be
daughter and her mom.

Now if it were me
doing the picking...
vintage, lace, layers, and more
Then I discover David's Bridal carries
YOLAN CRIS collection
and of course, I would be
arriving in bohemian chic style
LOVE! the wagon
and just the right rug spread
to protect my gown.

No red carpet for this gal.

Who says I can't get married
all over again?
I just might...


Saturday, January 14, 2012

read the fine print

SPEED FREAKS...sure to get you noticed at the rink! Well they noticed me alright--sprawled out on the floor. And as the stars circling my head (like in those cartoons) started the fade I knew why I had to sign that form releasing the park of all responsibility. Should have read the fine print at the bottom.

Ages 4 to 54.Use only while going forward.
Not responsible for injury.

I really was doing pretty well and as my confidence grew I could see myself back when I was 14 and ruled the rink...
Hey Lady! those days are over.

Keeping my feet on the ground


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fabric Collage & Friends

And that's just what we did...
we loaded up the truck and
moved on down the road.
No it's not the Beatles and
it's not Abbey Road but
it is the middle of Austin, TX.

Savers * Hancock Fabrics * Thrift Town
The girls rummaged through T.J. MAXX
while Candy played in the
hats and rugs.
Yes, I'm a bit UNCOMMON...
what you see is what you get!
uncommon OBJECTS
raw materials for creative living

And we had to check out this place
and speaking of threads, I made each gal
an original RockCandy fabric collage.

It was a fabulous day,
we shopped till we dropped,
celebrating birthdays,
and friendship.

It's a Good Thing!