Sunday, January 22, 2012

merry heart

This little framed piece was in my mr's aunt's home. When the fullness of her life was complete, family came around to gather what they wanted...only I saw value in this tiny, hand-written piece of the past. Many years have passed so I don't recall where it sat in her home...on a dresser, on her desk, or maybe on the kitchen window sill for daily reflection. I can only wonder what experience lead her to pen this scripture and frame it. Perhaps because she never had any children, we will never know. I wish Aunt Det (short for Colette) could know that this piece of the past is treasured in my home and every time I pass and makes my heart merry.

Hope this Sunday finds you
with a merry heart


1 comment:

pat said...

What a treasure! Yes, I have a merry heart.