Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There I go dreamin' again...

Picked out a few 'new to me' books
at the thrift store. One was a
Sheds and Garages
and this is the shed for me.

And this looks like a great place for some of
that RockCandyland dreamin'.

You can hang out here a while or
venture to other OUTDOOR places
along the path to
A southern Daydreamer...Susan.


Pride & Prayer...

...for the RED* WHITE*BLUE!
This week's theme for Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to Dixie in French Lique, Texas

God, please bless the USA

Monday, June 29, 2009

I didn't realize the color theme running
through this post until I saw them all
Seems only fitting that RED Tuesday follows
BLUE Monday.
And as I write this it dawns on me
that my pics for tomorrow have a
WHITE theme.
My mind must be secretly working
behind my back ;-)

The only souvenir I brought home from
Idaho was this little pedestal and fish bowl.
(already had the marbles)
yeah! you thought I had lost 'em

And back home I eyed this plate and
just had to have it, same with the brass bucket.
$1 for each...and the fish bowl thingy--50c.


For 3 or More I am sharing these wonderfully
delicious amaretto cream filled strawberries.
Our last breakfast in Idaho was as scrumptious as
the rest. Amaretto stuffed french toast topped with
more strawberries.
Each person got 3 edible 'flowers'.


One morning when we arrived at Fiddletown
(which was really the high school)
this jewel was parked away
from all the other cars.
I immediately thought
RUBY TUESDAY folks are gonna
like this.

I would call that Candy Apple Red, wouldn't you?

If you are new to my story and are wondering
why a Texas girl was in Idaho...
check back through my last few posts.

Then mosey back to see more

2nd Time Around stuff

Three or More things and

Ruby Tuesday reds.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

I can't seem to get back into my blogging routine.
These 105 HOT DAYS just sap energy and if
that's not hot enough, seems I have had
one long HOT FLASH all day.

But stop whinin' girlie and get on with
your BLUE MONDAY post.
Three moments from my recent trip
to Weiser, Idaho for the Fiddle Festival.

Our son did Texas proud...Dixie, the devil may have
been in Georgia but 74 bow yeilding fiddlers
showed up and that was just in Samuel's
Jr. division--13 to 17 year olds.
Almost that many in each of the Jr.Jr.s and adult divisions.

His group all played, which took most of the day
and then came the first cut, down to only 15.
He made it! And even though he didn't make the
next cut we were grateful to have made it that far.
He played two wonderful sets and we
were very proud of him.


Weiser ruins and roses.

The whole town was in full bloom for the festival.
Wish I could share the aroma, it was wonderful.
Good thing I wore a blue shirt that day ;-)

Now back to SmilingSally for more...


Friday, June 26, 2009

Buzz by...

...my place on your way through
P I N K Saturday

Sit in the shade and sip a little
P I N K lemonade and taste
a bite of cake.

And as the afternoon wears on
I'll turn the fan on for a little
pleasant breeze.

It's too HOT here in Texas so
let's head north for some cooler temperatures
and see what the others have to share.

Thanks, Beverly for this popular meme.


Home away from home~~~

The Galloway Inn Bed & Breakfast was home away from home on our visit to Weiser, Idaho. We couldn't have picked a more wonderful place. On the National Historic Register, this grand mansion was built in 1900 by Tom Galloway.
For many years she stood as the largest home in Idaho at 5,000 square feet plus a 2,000 sq.ft. attic where Mrs. Galloway hosted lovely dances. The Queen Anne design boasts 18" thick walls and cost a pretty penny to construct--$5,000 which was paid for by the sale of 800 head of horses.
This jewel is on the market as Tom and Dixielee are ready to pass the B&B baton to the next adventurous couple ready to welcome and entertain visitors surrounded by these walls of history. For more info--Galloway House Inn.

Due to recent rains the landscape was in full bloom to
welcome fiddlers from all over the country.


We shared the home with a group from Alaska,
mentoring and teaching native kids about their
culture and rich heritage
using the fiddle as a spring board,
or should I say string board ;-)
Bill Stevens, their teacher,
travels all over the globe sharing
the story of the Athabascan tribe through story and music.

Everyone we met had a story to tell,
all one needs to do is ask.

Will share more later...
you know the duties that await after a trip ;-)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Couldn't help myself...

O.K. Ladies...I haven't even gotten on the plane
and I am having blogging withdraws ;-)

So I know I'll sleep much better having
left a little something for you.
I do hope you will enjoy my place
while I'm away.

Come on in and make yourself at home,
Mi casa es su casa!

This is my BLUE MONDAY version of


and BEYOND...the sea!


When I came across these beauties
I flung the gate wide open and let
them strut their stuff.

Talk about having a great hair day!

W O W !!!


Ms. Dixie, I so was not wanting to miss your
WW ~~ My Choice~~
So here are a few things that
would be MY CHOICE.

(enlarge to see every detail)


And even though I will be returning Thurs. evening,
I know I'll be pooped, so come on in
and help yourself to my little spread...
left just for you!

(enlarge this one too)

Since I will not be here to join Mr. Linky
I am counting on you girls to spread the word.

Thanks for allowing me to have a little fun.

Yours truly,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Farewell for a while...

My last post until my return.
(check yesterday's post to see where I'm off to)

A girl should always travel in PINK~

Don't you think?
And always be as sweet as a kitten.

My camera and I will be as one,
snapping shots that are full of fun.

And at the end of a day full of music,
I'll rest my head and
dream of my beloved blogland friends.

Hope you don't miss me too badly ;-)

I'll miss our visits but you'll be in my prayers.

Until we meet again...

Now back to Beverly's for more
Pink visits.


I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

Sunday morning as the sun comes up
we will be boarding a plane...
destination Weiser, Idaho.

What's in Weiser, you ask?

A national fiddle competition.
Our 16 yr. old son, Samuel
will be joining other fiddlers
from around the nation.
So rosin up that bow boy!

I will miss all you lovely ladies and
all the fun we have.
But I shall return with a story
or two to tell.


Don't forget to stop by Cpaphil Vintage Postcards
to see what others have to share.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

The bells are ringing...

Come one, come all to the first
C L O C H E P A R T Y!
given by our very own Marty.

This is a first for me too,
what does one wear to such an event?

Jane Doe had the answer.
She has opened the first vintage clothing
store in Belgrade.

I found out there are different kinds of cloches.
cloche--French for bell.

Do I have one? I don't know.
I grabbed the camera and went searching.
Room by room, shelf to shelf...
what is this, I do have one.

Made by my Mother about 20 years ago.
But the little Robin red breast is as
fresh as ever.

And wasn't sure if this was one, but I added it anyway.
Picked up at an Estate sale along with the jewels.

Well I know you girls are going to show
some beauties so
without further ado...

Let's go!