Friday, June 19, 2009

Farewell for a while...

My last post until my return.
(check yesterday's post to see where I'm off to)

A girl should always travel in PINK~

Don't you think?
And always be as sweet as a kitten.

My camera and I will be as one,
snapping shots that are full of fun.

And at the end of a day full of music,
I'll rest my head and
dream of my beloved blogland friends.

Hope you don't miss me too badly ;-)

I'll miss our visits but you'll be in my prayers.

Until we meet again...

Now back to Beverly's for more
Pink visits.



Kathy said...

I woke up! Turned on my computer to check on my blogger friends...Checked my dashboard to catch everyones latest post and I see Ms. Candy is going to be gone for a bit. Well...I click to find out what fun trip she is off to and....What to my wondering eyes should appear!!!!,( no not 8 tiny reindeer),MY FACE!!! Yikes...I thought maybe i did something wrong on the computer to print my face there and then I read, much to my surprise, Ms. Candy has featured my little blog this week!! Wow, What an honor sweet friend...I shall be smiling the whole day! I always enjoy my visits here especially your music...LOVE IT! May your time away be blessed and may your son ROCK!!!! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Kathy said...

Okay... One more thing! I loved the Sin Eater, one of my favorite books and Leota's Garden I have lent to many friends...I always find it amazing to hook up in bloggerville and find so many things in common!! I may Have to change my music...I love this girl!! ~xoxo~Kathy.

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Oooh, I love the pink cups and saucers! Happy Pink Saturday!

We attended the Fiddle Fest in Reading, PA for several years when we lived nearby. It was such fun for our kids. Good luck to your son.

Debby said...

Love all your beautiful pinks. Great post.

♥Mimi♥ said...

Lovely pink blog post! Another Saturday, where I am taking in all of the pink and visiting some of the most lovely blogs in cyberspace. I need the pink this morning, it's all dark and raining outside. So thanks for the uplift☺ Have a great time while you're on holiday.

Wishing you and those you l♥ve a weekend filled with sunshine, good food and many, tender memories.

g said...

What a nice post. That pink airplane is fabulous!! I love the dishes - what are they? They remind me of some I knew a long time ago and never thought about until now.

Have a great trip! Happy Pink Saturday!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

I have this image of you flying off in that adorable pink airplane! Where ever did you find that? Way too cute! Hope you have a grand time in Idaho!

We'll miss you and we are expecting some presents when you get back! ;-) as in lots of pics!


Mary said...

What lovely selections you've made for your post. They all are lovely. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings... Mary

Claudia said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Candy! I love your post and have a great time in Idaho! A fiddle competition will be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo~LOVE all the pretty pinks!What a sweet little kitty too!
Have fun on your trip~~can't wait to hear all about it when ya'll get back!
Travel safe~~

Smilingsal said...

Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!

stefanie said...

beautiful, happy pink saturday!!! have a wonderful trip

Jean Tuthill said...

Have a wonderful trip and good luck to your son!

Sue said...

Love your pinks...especially that bed. Happy PS

Kdottie Designs said...

Beautiful pinks! Good luck to your son and have a fun trip.