Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Wouldn't it be fun to
gather and stroll
the Boardwalk

that's what I'm dreaming today


Friday, April 22, 2011

I sing because...

I sing because I'm happy,
I sing because I'm free,
For His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me!
I sing because...I just finished
a multi-media collage piece.

it's on a canvas of 15 X 20
I sing because...these pink flowers
are just so pretty.

With a theme of hearts and love...

There is a little note from my Lord
about His two greatest
The Lord wants us to love Him
with all our heart, and with all
our soul, and with all our mind,
and with all our strength.
He also wants us to love our
neighbor as ourselves. He says
there is no other commandments
greater than these.

You could sing too...because
it's for sale.  
(free shipping in US)

paypal here
Rock Candy Store
also a few more pieces for sale
plus some other things 


Friday, April 15, 2011

Shades of pink

While at KC collage camp last weekend,
this was the bedroom at the Clark Mansion
where I played out my dreams of being
a princess.

A Victorian dream with delightful detail.
PINK was throughout the rooms.
Whether on fabric or the real thing.
A bouquet of freshness
adorned the dining table.

The life of a princess...
being called to a beautiful lunch.
Called away from the next room where
we ripped fabric, glued and sewed
fabric collages. And also paper...
bird nest paper, bark, & cardboard.
This was my heart piece we made.
I really enjoyed using the heat gun
to age the fabric, but be careful...
too much heat--paper burns!
So I named my piece
Hearts on Fire
Another fun thing...
experimenting with all the different stitches.
Hearts on Fire with PINK
Pink Saturday
How Sweet the Sound
is where PINK hearts gather.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

new toy!

Sears Kenmore Computerized Sewing Machine

Whenever my man puts on his 'gonna built something' hat and starts grunting like Tim Allen, he's got this little smile on his face. And you've probably seen it on your guy's face...I'm gonna need new tools! Well ever since I returned from KC Willis collage camp I've been dreaming of this new tool. Machines! I love machines. Some girls want flowers and diamonds but give me a lawn mower, weed eater, or a John Deere Gator and I'm in hog heaven.

My sweet man ordered the last one Sears had and I'm on my way into the big city (Austin) to pick up my new toy.

Happy Dancin'


Monday, April 11, 2011

Love began at the gallery...

Texas chicks gathered
to love on this Colorado babe,

KC Willis
She walked us through her pieces
and I bought this one.
Love the shades of pinks
and the quote spoke to me...
"If I was a lady...nobody would
remember me. Can't have that."

From the gallery to our
home for the weekend...
On the porch of Clark Mansion
love this keyhole window.

Itchin' to dig in and make
my own KC inspired
have always loved this gypsy girl
and her melancholy gaze
and I also love
layers of texture
loved this machine
and it won't be long before

I have my own
layer upon layer of delicious fabric
ripped, burned, stitched
What if she...what if I could fly?
I can...I did...
and I'm hooked on collage...

I'm in love!


F.Y.I. there are two openings for this coming weekend. It's NOT to late to go...two thumbs up!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I awoke this morning to happy news
I WON!!!
Dawn's scrumptious little nest

Dawn is the reason I started blogging.
She inspires.
And her creations make me
uuuhhhh and aaahhh.

Thanks, Dawn


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just sharing...

It is my sincerest, dearest wishes
to all for a
Happy Easter Day.

Enjoy some Easter inspiration
Thank you Lord for this season!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

I think everything is packed...
not really, are you crazy!

My girlfriend is driving so I just have to
sit back and giggle...

gonna meet new--I mean vintage--
kindred spirits
and bask in the shadow of
KC Willis

Can't wait to create,
get home,
show ya what I did...


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Round Top

The skies couldn't have been any bluer...

when a digger meets a peddler

booth after booth of genius
Terry and I would just look at each other
and say...Oh My Gosh!
we collected ideas for projects
like these we could handle
blow-torching an iron tub...probably not

I just put a lamp like this in my attic...
Why? didn't I think
I got the boots & books
Why? I just don't know.
and every Texas queen should have a
chicken wire and pearls crown
cute display idea and

more genuis...Alice and Jay
Fancy, frilly, Love's Things Silly
pearls and lace put a smile
on her face.

a little rusty, even crusty.
mighty cool and great with tools.

5 hours just wasn't enough time
so we are planning for the Fall.
Got to stay all weekend
and of course make the
blog party they have.

...now back to packing
for this weekend with
KC Willis


Friday, April 1, 2011

H E L P !!!

KC Willis or BUST!

Planning & packing for
collage camp with KC Willis
in Taylor, TX

digging through ribbon & jewelry...
OH! MY! what to bring?
Of course a PINK rose for
Just in case you're free...there is one more opening for next weekend and 2 spots for the following weekend. What craft queen would pass up a dance at the mansion? Clark Mansion.
Jump in your carriage........
This is the end of a season for
KC on the road.

I'm so excited I almost forgot what I need help with. She said to bring tacky glue. Are all tacky glues the same? Is one better than the other? Help!!! All you crafters out there. TELL ME.