Monday, May 23, 2011

I love blue...

...don't ya think this cookbook
cover is great?
Since I'm knee-deep in
Kitchen Band preparations
I thought I'd post about
that room that's the heart of the home.
cutest kitchen lamps and
I love this country sink.
great back splash inspiration or how about...
HOW-TO stencil for a touch of
Country French blue.
The kettles on for tea so
grab a cup and visit some more

Blue Monday participates at
Smiling Sally

Have a great week....


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pink Poodle Skirt

Taking a moment to play
How Sweet The Sound

Candy's off to Kitchen Band practice this morning. My 93 yr. old MIL is a hoot and she dreams up ukulele shows. I'm her one-woman stage production crew. I put together music, make props, and sew costumes. At the moment we are working on a PATRIOTIC JUBILEE. But in between...
This month at her retirement home
they are celebrating the 1950's.
This week we were twisting and pony dancing
at a rockin' SOCK HOP!
But now it's back to
red, white, & blue...


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So why am I happy?

I know I told you in my last post that I was resting, but that's not exactly true. The fabric collage I sold in Huntsville, on my recent visit, lead to another opportunity to send a few more RockCandy Creations to that town. Thanks to Karen who wanted one similar to 'REST' but with a photo of her mom at two years old. She also loved the 'I sing because I'm happy...' quote. Here is what came together after ripping, staining, burning, and stitching.
click on the picture to see it bigger
Then she wanted one similar to
'Wisdom begins in wonder'
her co-worker, Patsy bought...
...but with her picture from kindergarten.
So why am I happy?
Because creating art makes me happy
and having someone else like it too...
well that's just icing on the cake.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


How can one rest when there's
art to be done?

Sold a fabric collage piece (thanks Patsy, a co-worker with my sister) this last weekend while visiting my mother. Went to surprise her for Mother's Day in Huntsville, TX. (see the one I sold on my side bar) This one was almost finished before I left, and today I MADE TIME! to complete...
now I can rest.
10 x 12

Since leopard has become my signature,
here's my new tag design.
I'm wild about it!

Hope you are making pretties
and getting a little rest as well.


Thursday, May 5, 2011


Come on in!
Just a few things to share with you...
Pick a pink chair inside or out.
Here's some Mother's Day cards,
st in case you still need one.

And if your sister is being mean,
don't bother Mother...
just handle it yourself!

And have a great Pink Saturday
at How Sweet The Sound and also have a
Happy Mother's Day.


Sunday, May 1, 2011


Looking out into the world...
looking out to Blue Monday with
Smiling Sally

or peeking in through a window pane...

"This is what I think art is and what I demand of it:
that it pull everyone in,
that is show one person
another's most intimate
thoughts and feelings,
that it throw open the window of the soul."
Felix Mendelssohn

John William Godward

Speaking of's my latest piece.
'Wisdom begins in wonder'
with my homemade nest of found objects...
put together almost like a skilled mother bird.
also seems a bit of leopard sneaks
into also every piece

Thanks for coming by to share
my thoughts and feelings
and I pray you will see
some wonder today.