Saturday, January 31, 2009


BLUE MONDAY hosted by Sally...
Here are three of my favorite little
blue lanterns.
We ask four things of a woman--
that virtue dwell in her heart, modesty in her face,
sweetness in her mouth, and labor in her hands.

Blessings on your Monday

~Valentine Time~

While I was collecting pics for my Mother's
birthday booklet (see below),
came across this sweet little girlie
tucked between the pages.
Somewhere along the way she has lost some of her hat.

Warm Wishes for a Wonderful Saturday
~Love, Candy~

Friday, January 30, 2009

~Birthday Booklet~

Worked ALL day on my Mother's birthday booklet
Yesterday I had posted the constructed but not embellished card.

scroll down a few posts to see what it looked like before...

~untie the bow to reveal this sweet picture~
~flip over...this is the back~

unfold to see Mother with each of her daughters
with a current photo of us underneath.

~added tiny feathers to her bodice~

Sister #1...then me...sister #2.

her favorite flower-iris and a crown with our birth stone color...

another view of the center section
with my photo at the bottom.

Daughter #3 and a pic of Mother at the end.

We miss you, Papau!

Today marks one year of my father-in-law's passing.
He lived a blessed life, 91 years, and
was a wonderful example of a son, husband, father,
grand & great-grandfather and friend.
I miss him in the garden.

This was his music book from elementary school.
And here is a sweet little song
I just know you ladies
will enjoy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Look what I found when I took Granny's picture
out of the frame to scan for my post for

scroll down and meet my sweet Granny!

You're welcome to copy this card if you wish!

Birthday card under construction...

My Mother's birthday is coming in February.
Was digging around in a closet last week
and came across a little fold-out booklet
she had shared with me many, many years ago.

I constructed another one the other day
and am very pleased with the turn out.
Untie the ribbon and it unfolds beautifully.
Now I just need to embellish
these pretty pages.

I took pics along the way so if anyone is interested
I can share the how-to's.

Gauardian Angel

Show & Tell Friday
see more at Kellishouse!

Meet my Mother's Mother
My sweet Granny

At the age of sixteen...sweet Edna.

Several years ago my Mother passed
Granny's first dishes down to me.
I display them with love,
some in my hutch and
some on the wall.
A little tribute to loved ones.

(The silver is from my hubby's side of the family)

And what a perfect mats and napkins,
rose doily, and pink goblet
all collected here and there
from Thrift Stores.

Hope your Friday is perfect! ~Candy~

Pardon me?

These are some favorites...

Memory never was very good
Skip from one thing to the next
and after a while I just run off SCREAMING!!!
If I had time I would reverse these two
to fit my commentary but...
if you could just flip them in your mind
it would really help me out.

I am an EDG!
Easily Distracted Girl

Got to run now and practice my hula 'cause
we have a show Tuesday evening.
Got to get my hula hips working again!

Be back lat.......

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Terry's Terrace!

How about a little photo from my sweet friend, Terry. I made this apron for her a while back. She is also my crafting buddy. I asked for a pic to share something I made with my own little hands and she put together such a sweet showing. Her front porch is so peaceful and also includes a little pond with goldfish. Makes me smile every time I enter in. Thanks, Terry.

Wordless Wednesday

A piece of my world!
~Share your garden here~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blue Monday is here again and I wish I was there again...
Belize, it's unbelizable!
Beautiful Blue Belize!

Metamorphosis Monday

After posting my last pics, I realized it would also be a great BEFORE & AFTER.
Remember you can find more transformations at Betweennapsontheporch.

Recipe for Stuffed Chicken

I was looking through some pictures today (looking for something else) and happened across this...a pillow made for a little Christmas Bazaar I participated in several years ago.
Start with a fresh cheery purchase from a local
Thrift Store Market
Then add...a little quilted panel of chicky fabric,
Home made fringe fresh from the fabric bin,
Season with a yellow row of sequins,
And just before serving add four little yo-yos with
bright red buttons.
~ Hope you enjoy ~

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Gail, girl you have inspired me!
After a visit to her Shabby Cottage Studio
and taking the tour of her newly fashioned room,
not still pics but moving video
I just had to set to work...
doing a little organizing in my own craft/laundry room.

Whenever I go through a pile of stuff
that has been neglected,
I usually find a forgotten treasure.
This is what I found today.
Sorry girls, I lost you.
But now I will share you
(help yourselves ladies, if you wish)
so that others can see your
~sweet pink cheeks~

PINK Saturday!

This is me at one year.
I am a little late for posting with the other
Pink Saturday girls,
but that's fine, here I am anyway...

all dressed up and no place to go!

These were probably quite popular in the day.
Done by patty-cakes in Houston, Texas.
(my hand print at 3 months)

Judy shared some of her pink ribbon collection,
some of which she keeps in this very unique and
beautiful box.
Makes my heart skip a beat!
Passion for pink?...
they are listed on Bev's How Sweet the Sound.

~Happy Saturday, Ladies~

Friday, January 23, 2009

CRAZY & Excited!!!

Oh my! This lady does the most fabulous work. I just had to share this with you. Hope you go over and see all Pat's wonderful creations. She also has a new book out that I am sure is a must have for you crazy quilters! I know I will be getting a copy soon.
Love her bugs!

Have you 'RED' Show & Tell Friday?

Kelli is hosting Show & Tell Friday. If you have something to 'show' us and 'tell' a little about it, there are those who would love to see. I thought of my DOLLY DUZIT but, of course she did not want to be here is a sampling of RED things from around the house.
I guess my outdoor plants love being indoors,
where it is warm and cozy,
for they have bloomed beautifully!
But we are having a few warm and sunny days so
I decided to display out on the deck this morning.
Like some of you,
I can't pass up a crocheted work from the past...
especially when it says 25c.
~Hope you enjoy!~


Picked up a magazine from my local Thrift Store,
~Reminisce April 1996~
too cute!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Take me for a ride!

This is my sweet mother and her little brother.
Oh, the carefree days of yesteryear.
That car would make some cool yard art!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Fluttered by Metamorphosis Monday hosted by
with before & after photos of projects.
Thought this was a great time to share one of my passions. Rocking! I can wander out in the morning with a cup of coffee to be in my garden and talk with my Lord. But before I know it I am playing in the dirt, still in my PJ's. I love it.
~ B E F O R E ~
(left side of photo)

~ A F T E R ~

Here I am with my birthday JOHN DEERE GATOR! My sweet hubby watched me struggle with wheel barrows, wagons, and hand-trucks to move rocks from here to there.
Now I can REALLY rock and roll!
Another view of the circle.
Can't wait for spring
so I can add some butterfly bushes.
Found this 'J' rock then set out to find 'O' & 'Y'
Just a peek of my front yard.
So now you have...the rest of the story!