Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gauardian Angel

Show & Tell Friday
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Meet my Mother's Mother
My sweet Granny

At the age of sixteen...sweet Edna.

Several years ago my Mother passed
Granny's first dishes down to me.
I display them with love,
some in my hutch and
some on the wall.
A little tribute to loved ones.

(The silver is from my hubby's side of the family)

And what a perfect mats and napkins,
rose doily, and pink goblet
all collected here and there
from Thrift Stores.

Hope your Friday is perfect! ~Candy~


BECKY said...

This is simply delightful! Isn't it so wonderful to have pieces like these? It just warms and blesses my heart to own them, and to see the treasures others have. Thanks so much for sharing them, and the pretty way you displayed them!
Sweet Blessings,

Shelley said...

Beautiful! Is that china Virginia Rose???!! I have a rather large set of it. Its so charming. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'll be back to yours.

Candy said...

On the back it says,W.S.George CANARYTONE made in U.S.A.158A

Carla said...

Wow what a find! What a pretty Granny you have, and such pretty reminders of her. Love your sign below (I'm EDG also:)

Anonymous said...

I just love your beautiful dishes. My Grandmother on my Fathers side had some of the same pattern.

Anonymous said...

Candy, how absolutely sweet the place settings are. And the photos - such pretty ladies in your family....
Thank you for sharing the picture. This was under the one of your Granny?
Isn't it neat to find hidden treasures!

Re: the comments on my blog about bad hair days and using tacky're probably too young to remember "spit" curls! LOL! I can't remember what we used to hold them down in front of our ears - Dippity Do? LOL!


JudyBug said...

I love old pictures. I treasure those I have of gr-grandparents. How I wish I had lovely china that had been passed down. You have some lovely treasures!

Belinda said...

Your Granmother was such a beauty! And you must be so thrilled to have her gorgeous china to use and display in your own home. :)

ceekay said...

Love this post. Sweet to have the china...and you set a beautiful tablesetting.

Frazzled Mom said...

such a beautiful tablescape. The memories make it more special.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What beautiful china and the tablescape is perfect! I like the baby picture of your grandmother, and she was so pretty as a young lady! Isn't that chair she is sitting on gorgeous!


Kathy said...

What sweet pictures of your grandmother. And how blessed are you to have her gorgeous china! Your tablescape is just lovely.

lorhen82 said...

Those dishes are gorgeous - what a wonderful inheritance! And your grandmother was BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for sharing her pictures! ~Lori

Alice said...

I love that pink glass. It's so pretty. All the dishes are beautiful. I'm glad you have them to remember by. What a wonderful treasure :O). Thanks for sharing them with us.

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