Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can I look?

Is it Spring yet?
Can I leave the porch and
start digging in the dirt?

Relaxing in a dreamy sanctuary
where my man brings me tea...

don't're still dreaming.
old life
a little paint and plants
and it's ready to go again.
back from
Austin City Limits,
wild time with
The Steve Miller Band
Wish ya could have been there,
needed a few more wild women
at my table.

Have a great weekend...


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dripping Lace

Being a girl that loves texture and layers of it...
my heart is still fluttering over this
wallpaper by Sera of London.
She calls it exotic make-up for the wall...Dripping Lace
Just a little warning, with all the lace going on the walls
there's not much left for the divas.

Love the lace,
Love the ornate gold,
Love the feathers...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why is it always the shoes?

Austin is know for it's music and one of the venues is Austin City Limits. ACL has a new home in the Moody Theater and there is a grand opening gala this Thursday evening. Now you've heard the old's not what you know but true. My hubby knows people and we've been invited. And not just attending but we will be seated one the floor section at a dinner table. Among the entertainment are singer/songwriters and Steve Miller. So you ask...what does this have to do with shoes?

Guys wear...whatever...
but us girls...well you know the drill.
What to wear?
What the heck is Austin chic?
Cute but probably not, too low.
and these...cute but too high,
I'd probably break my neck!

These are too far...somewhere in the UK.
Oh man, these would be so cool. I'm wearing black skinny jeans (the magic of the skinny not working so well) and a black camisole. My chic is coming from a hand-painted shear poncho scarf thingy. At least that's my story. Now I love these vintage mink beauties and if I could find them or even make them (no time) I'd gladly change my scarf.

Another option?
How cool are these spats!
Maide by a gal in Deutschland
Today I'm looking for
some vintage

cowgirl boots...
My Dixie gal would say
Cowgirl Up!
and Whatever adventure you're having...
hope you have the perfect shoes.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Piece of Purple

Amongst plenty of lavender
in the
cottage garden plot... can hear the bee buzzing,
"Purple flowers are my passion."
Take passage through the garden gate
please precede along the path
past perfect places for
potting plantsin a pair of
peculiar perches.
Perhaps peering into purple panes
prowling, perceiving, praising
Please...even a pillar of pink petals
have permission to pervade
because peace reigns in
purple paradise.
Thanks for participating in my post
and upon your parting I
wish PEACE to all my pals...


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pink Paisley

"Live to make the child you were,
proud of the person you are."

Taro Gold

Pink Paisley does incredible

Happy PINK Saturday


Friday, February 11, 2011

I 'HEART' You...

Victoria ~ Feb 1996

My collection of Victoria magazines
have come from my visits to
Glory B's Cottage in Geronimo, TX

Pick a chair...
any chair...
and if you wish to make some
DIY tea
*rrific treats...not one, not two, but three ways

Oh fiddle-dee-dee...
just a little love from me!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Basically, when it comes to the garden,
I'm either doing it
or thinking about it.
Gardening is an active process
12 months of the year."
Elizabeth Gerschel
Create your own style
one piece of junk at a time!
Hope for Spring...
Winter is the perfect time to collect
garden goodies so that when
Spring comes we can
play in the dirt.

Sit back and dream along with
A Southern Daydreamer


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

waitin' for mah sweetheart...

...cause he has the keys to open my heart.
hooking up with
Work of the Poet

Dee Duncan Folk Art offers some
heart-warming gifts.

"Walk the earth,
stepping beauty into
everything that you do."

Nina Bagley

"When our eyes see our hands
doing the work of our hearts,
the circle of creation is
completed inside us,
the doors of our souls
fly open,
and love steps forth to heal
everything in sight."

Anne Jones

Candy~Hugs & Kisses