Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why is it always the shoes?

Austin is know for it's music and one of the venues is Austin City Limits. ACL has a new home in the Moody Theater and there is a grand opening gala this Thursday evening. Now you've heard the old saying...it's not what you know but who...how true. My hubby knows people and we've been invited. And not just attending but we will be seated one the floor section at a dinner table. Among the entertainment are singer/songwriters and Steve Miller. So you ask...what does this have to do with shoes?

Guys wear...whatever...
but us girls...well you know the drill.
What to wear?
What the heck is Austin chic?
Cute but probably not, too low.
and these...cute but too high,
I'd probably break my neck!

These are too far...somewhere in the UK.
Oh man, these would be so cool. I'm wearing black skinny jeans (the magic of the skinny not working so well) and a black camisole. My chic is coming from a hand-painted shear poncho scarf thingy. At least that's my story. Now I love these vintage mink beauties and if I could find them or even make them (no time) I'd gladly change my scarf.

Another option?
How cool are these spats!
Maide by a gal in Deutschland
Today I'm looking for
some vintage

cowgirl boots...
My Dixie gal would say
Cowgirl Up!
and Whatever adventure you're having...
hope you have the perfect shoes.



Sassy Marsha said...

OMG love the black boots, spats and mink beauties!!!!


Enchanted Rose Studio said...

So many fabulous shoes, Candy! I want them all. Even the high HIGH heels! Not to wear, but to look at! ha!


Dixie said...

okay.... I don't think you can get away with just any old shoe.. but a nice black western riding boot would be grand... or a spikey little black mule... not to be confused with a real live mule... but one of those little pointy toed numbers.... have fun... take pictures! Cowgirl UP! ya-hoo!

Deanna said...

Drooling over the spats! So many choices but I'd go with a pair of pizza slice toed shoes...black and with a tall skinny heel. What the heck, you'd look fab in any shoe!!

Deanna :D