Thursday, February 17, 2011

Piece of Purple

Amongst plenty of lavender
in the
cottage garden plot... can hear the bee buzzing,
"Purple flowers are my passion."
Take passage through the garden gate
please precede along the path
past perfect places for
potting plantsin a pair of
peculiar perches.
Perhaps peering into purple panes
prowling, perceiving, praising
Please...even a pillar of pink petals
have permission to pervade
because peace reigns in
purple paradise.
Thanks for participating in my post
and upon your parting I
wish PEACE to all my pals...



Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

This post is truly a Purple Paradise. ~~Sherry~~

Dixie said...

Lots of gardening inspiration... now if I can just find a little gardening time... whew! hugs. Dixie

Deanna said...

What a dream space that is! Oh to have a backyard just like that...I have such a black thumb!

Deanna :D