Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Basically, when it comes to the garden,
I'm either doing it
or thinking about it.
Gardening is an active process
12 months of the year."
Elizabeth Gerschel
Create your own style
one piece of junk at a time!
Hope for Spring...
Winter is the perfect time to collect
garden goodies so that when
Spring comes we can
play in the dirt.

Sit back and dream along with
A Southern Daydreamer



The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Candy,
I think the whole nation is ready for some spring days. Soooon we will be digging in the earth, and watching the blooms. I was so tempted to get some plants as they are starting to show up in the stores...then we may not be done with the I wait a little bit yet.


Laura said...

Candy- I just lost a lot of my plants in the freeze.
Or at least I will have to cut them back and start again.
That is frustrating!
Oh well-
I love it so much, I'll do it all again.

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Theresa said...

How very creative! Just lusting after that garden gate in the first photo...

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Candy!! I've missed visiting you...your photos are so beautiful to me ~ Spring is just around the corner and we all seem to be looking forward to it this year! hugs and love, Dawn

Carol said...

Very creative use of bits and pieces.

Ann said...

Well I'll take one of everything. The tennis shoes are such a cute idea. I'm looking for some red ceramic shoes for my OZ garden. I've really missed you, here's wishing all is well with you, glad your back.

xinex said...

Great ideas, Candy. My favorite is the last photo...Christine

June said...

Oh boy Candy, I so agree! And would I love to find a cute vintage sink like this one. So cute.
Having that arbor would be sweet as well.
sending hugs your way...