Saturday, January 24, 2009

PINK Saturday!

This is me at one year.
I am a little late for posting with the other
Pink Saturday girls,
but that's fine, here I am anyway...

all dressed up and no place to go!

These were probably quite popular in the day.
Done by patty-cakes in Houston, Texas.
(my hand print at 3 months)

Judy shared some of her pink ribbon collection,
some of which she keeps in this very unique and
beautiful box.
Makes my heart skip a beat!
Passion for pink?...
they are listed on Bev's How Sweet the Sound.

~Happy Saturday, Ladies~


Lola Enchanted said...


Enjoy your weekend!

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

I love the pic. Aren't you a little doll!!! I love, love , love PINK!!!Thanks for letting us know about all the cool give aways.The little bronze hand print is so sweet!! Blessings, Deborah

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Miss Pink Cheeks! The box is too! ;-)

Anne Fannie said...

You were a cutie! Love the cheeks!
Happy Belated Pink Saturday...
Love, Ann


I am a bit late but that is the sweetest baby!! You are a little doll!!
I hope your week is Blessed with many pink things!!


Belated Pink Saturday! Loved your little girl photos. Thanks for featuring my box. Good thing we don't live closer or it might walk over to your house,huh?(wink!)

Have a divine week,

Anonymous said...

I missed you on Pink Sat--Happy Belated!!! Love those SWEET PINK CHEEKS! Dana