Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Green!

Texas days are warming and green is sprouting
and the garden fairies are happy.
I've been pouring over my garden magazines
and I do hope that this year
I get a garden shed all my own.
Country Sampler Decorating Ideas June 2000
Love Rebecca's philosophy... 'I buy what I like and just fit it in."
My garden leans toward the wild and native side
but I would love to have a curtain of
roses in a corner of the yard...
safe and secure from the native and exotic deer
in our neighborhood.
Along with the regular white tail deer
we have large fallow deer which are like
goats, they will eat ANYTHING!
I can hear them now...
"What! did you say Rock Candy
just planted roses....yum!"
Point the way....
And these are Black Buck Antelope
Yesterday I was returning from thrifting with my Mother and there were about 20 of these critters walking, single file, down my drive way. I say, "Darn, wish I had my camera so I could share with my BGFs...bloggin' girlfriends.

Hope all my BGFs have a fantastic weekend!


ps...just discovered Rebecca's blog
Rebecca Ersfeld for Vintage Living


Sandi (Meme) said...

Oh my gosh! What beautiful animals, but they do like the delicate blooms, don't they? Thanks for sharing, and I agree - I'd love to have a little shed too! Have a great weekend. Sandi

Deanna said...

I just received my Ladies Home Journal the other day and I saw a little house shed that you can order through the mail and I thought how wonderful it would look in my backyard. At first I thought, "Yes! I can have a little craft studio in there!" And then I woke up and realized that I'm not crafty at all but that still didn't deter me from wanting to order that cute little house!

I'm going to try and plant some flowers this weekend finally. It will be nice getting outside after being cooped up for two!

Deanna :D

Rebecca said...

Wow, that was a few years ago :)
and I forgot about that article. Funny we posted at the same time.
The potting shed was my daughters play house. It was actually the old garage and when we built a new one we used parts of the old garage to build it. After the girls left, I turned it into my potting shed.
I am painting it this year and it could use a face lift :)
Blessings today

Barbara Jean said...

Just came by to say hi
beautiful pictures.
have a wonderful weekend
barbara jean

Gaby Bee said...

I just wanted to say hello:-)
I have loved every minute of the time spent looking through all your pictures.
Enjoy the day!
Greetings from Germany,

Dixie said...

You and Loretta went to Market Days didn't you! Hope ya'll had fun and found lots of good stuff! I hope to get there in April! Keep your fingers crossed for me!