Friday, December 30, 2011

Block Puzzle

As with most of my projects I jump in before
grabbing the camera,
so this is only an example of
what I started with.
A block puzzle toy from the thrift store...a buck or two.
My mind in wedding mode...
SAVE-the-DATE May 19, 2012.
Thinking of putting puzzles on the
reception tables.

Here's my first attempt...
Samuel, my sweet precious baby boy
Bernadette "Bernie"
She's was a California girl, he's a Texan
so how did they find each other?
they were wearing the same glasses...
really just 3D IMAX shades.
this Christmas
I noticed the faces are off a bit. I'll try to let it slide
but I may have to redo
(one out of six ain't bad)
Now it's off to the thrift store
on the hunt for more puzzles.



Dixie said...

You've been busy! Great idea... you're such a creative soul! I'll be looking out too... maybe we'll find some puzzles in Round Top!

These.. .are fabulous!

Happy New Year to you, Doug, Samuel, Bernie and... of course... MeeMaw! hugs. Dixie

pat said...

Puzzles are a cute idea.
Would love to be a butterfly at the wedding. I'm sure you will post lots of pictures!