Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home of Tomes

I am fascinated with rooms full of books. Not sure why because I don't seem to be an avid reader. My learning style is more through pictures not words. As I write...a thought bubble begins to fill with words. Maybe that's why you are fascinated...knowing there is a mystery to be discovered in the words.
Maybe it's because I love layers of texture.
Just as books come in all
shapes and sizes...
massive libraries with room to twirl
but I'm more drawn into this room.
That vintage velvet tufted chair
seems to beckon...
come and sit.
Take a trip
to another place,
another time.
Maybe with me it's the hunt.

And I would love this one even if
there weren't any books,
leopard prints drive me wild.
How about a house with a hidden
and even if you don't read much...
a stack of books can come in handy.
Revamping my family room
and working toward a wall of books.

So that' how it stacks up round here.



Grace said...

How pretty! Happy New Year! Grace xoox

Eren said...

Eye candy for booklovers:) happy new year!:)

MizFunked said...

Hi Candy! Wow! Love this post! I wnna be that beautiful lady! Hope you r well! Luv, Karen