Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Advice from the Pooh!

Sounds like good advice and I did make a little
list of things to look out for.

Looks like by the smile on his face,
Pooh thinks I did pretty good.
Two more containers for my cactus container garden...
the brass fondue pot and the silver soup terrine.

Angel pedestal will be great for a cake platter.
And the two greenish blue cups will be nice
the next time Terry comes to visit.
(Thought of you, girl friend, when I saw these ;-)

Doll heads, they were on the list but I couldn't remember
if my project idea called for hair or no hair.
Got both, one blue eyed and the other brown.

O.K. this next picture you're probably thinking...
looks like a pile trash! But this is where
T h I R f T y T h U r S d A Y
really kicks in...

So... as I'm leaving the thrift store I head around back
to check out a FREE chair which just happened to
be right next to the dumpster.

No you didn't!

Did you?

You bet I did!!!

His & hers ice skates, upholstery material--new,
silk scarfs, pair of good leather gloves,
and a bit more odds and ends.

Dixie, I could hear these calling your name.
At least that one in the middle--Am I right?

It took all I could to keep from climbing up into that
thing and digging all the way to the bottom.
I may go back after dark. Anybody want to
come hold the flash light?



blushing rose said...

Only if you will share ... chuckle! You are too much. I'd have done the same thing, honestly! TTFN~ Marydon

Dixie said...

LOL... I knew I should have "no-showed" the appointment and gone with you to Kyle... I could have held your feet while you dumpster dived head first!

love the scarves... and the dolls... I needed a doll head! guess I should start making my lists too! Hope to see you Saturday or Monday! give me a call if you're comin'...

Beverly at Glory B's asked about you today... she's got new stuff!

Rebecca said...

Hold the Flash Light? NO Way! I'll dive in with you!

You go girl! My kind of gal!


Lynn said...

Are you telling me these treasures were IN THE TRASH????
Where is this place?
Did you get the chair?

Tootsie said...

I will hold your flash light any day!!! you did a great haul!

Tootsie said...
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MyJourneyBack said...

You crack me up but before I comment. Thanks for coming by and luring me over here! I love your photo in your banner. Did you really climb in the dumpster. I can't wait to see what you do with your finds.
I didn't get to post today but I am glad you came by I can't wait to read your Wordless White post. I am going to spend a few minutes reading your blog. Come on back by I love visitiors.
Have a wonderful Thursday,

Barbara said...

Candy, looks like you got some great things and your free finds look great also. Be sure and show us what you do with free finds.
Have a great weekend.


Terry said...

Howdy Candy
I will gladly hold the flashlight for you anytime you want ,
I might even volunteer to climb in there with you :)
What a fabulous find .
You are very wise to follow the advise of Pooh Bear he is not just any old bear .
Enjoy your treasure sweetie .
Happy Trails

B. J. Brooks said...

My sister-in-law left me in a dumpster one time when the carpet guys drove up to dump some more in. We laugh all the time about some of our antics.

What was I doing in there you might ask? Well I decided to do a patch work carpet and was scrounging for pieces. That's the only carpet we had for a long time. I taped the padding together then glued the pieces down. In daughter's room I fashioned a house with flowers and in the boy's room they had a red wagon in the middle.

I still love patchwork anything but the old carpet gave way to hard wood floors and colorful rugs.

Keep on finding all those great items, and thanks for bringing back a fun memory.

B.J. Brooks