Wednesday, February 15, 2012


What are they good for?
Talking things out...
Off today for a little sharing with
my girlfriend.
therapy chair...
another good thing that helps,
looking thru the
chippy, faded, whites
posted on White Wednesday

Here's to a
Good Friend...
she's cheaper than therapy.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Angel Band

Dixie, down in French Lique, Texas
just snatched up this shy little angel
at Glory B's Cottage in Geronimo.

Then I'm turning the page in my new
Small Gardens Spring 2012
issue and

there is her--just as shy--twin sister
hiding on page 39.

Close your eyes and dream


Monday, February 6, 2012


gloomy or depressed
well not here.



Blue Monday...

is a place of happiness

just ask Smiling Sally

French Inspired Home
Elizabeth House
and of course this carpet
would rock my world!

French Inspired Home
Romantic Country 2008
my artwork for sale $40
My prayer is that you have a
happy blue sky day!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


T.M.I ~too much information~
or a day in the life of an E.D.G.
Easily Distracted Gal

Usually I post about life as I would like it to be but today I'll share a little of my world the way it is! Above is my first attempt to make my own 'falling pages book' and below is one of my work stations. You can see a sign I'm putting together for the Kitchen Band's coming soon show.
Then my eye catches a thrift store find
and it's whispering,
"Make me over I want to sing."
So I grab a brush and the mod podge
and while that's drying...
I'll show ya a sign I painted the other day...
Once upon a time...
hoping to hang this over the chapel door
for the coming wedding.

and I'm also in the process of redoing this wall
in my family room but that's for another post.
Let's turn around and you can see where
I practice my Kitchen Band music.
and the dining table covered in wedding vignettes
Now back on that work station...

keep up please E.D.G.

you can see three
projects lined up...I should have one of those
machines...Take A Number.
Now serving...#1 sheet music going on that tray
#2 thrift find waiting for embellishment
#3 enlarged picture of my DIL to be
I feel like Lucy in the episode where she's working on the candy factory line and the candy starts coming to fast. Too many projects, too little time, but they just keep coming...dreams from my head...E.D.G.
But that's enough for now...
this post is taking too long...
E.D.G. is squirming her chair...

see that title under the angel,
"What My Heart Wants to Tell"

Love flowing from my heart to yours
also posting with
White Wednesday at Faded Charm