Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beauty in Junk

After finding this quote I put together a small collage of found things.
'Once you begin to see
the beauty in junk,
every outing can become
a treasure hunt.'
I purchased a book from a second hand store, Twice Blessed, entitled American JUNK by Mary Randolph Carter. Inside she gives tips for the Junk Hunt! Essential tools, a junking survival kit, haggling, how to dress for the hunt, and something I really need RESTRAINT!


Charlene said...

Restraint??????????? What is that??????? :)
I have none!!!!!!!!! So glad to meet another soul with the same problem. Welcome to Blogland. I love your site. Will check on you often to see what's up. You have some great stuff already.

Talking Horses Arts said...

How pretty, really love it!
Thanks so much for sharing!

just a little bit shabby said...

Hi Candy!
Welcome to the blogging world. I just started my blog in September so I can relate to the frustration you feel when trying to figure out just how to do this darn thing. I love all your posts. I'll be adding you to my favorites.By the way we're sort of neighbors, I live in San Antonio.
come by and visit my site, too.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to these parts. Your blog is looking great with lots of nice pictures - fun stuff going on!

lorhen82 said...

Candy, I just LOVE this!!! It's beautiful! ~Lori

Sally L. Smith said...

Very pretty. Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful things from which you can work. Welcome to blogland. Sally

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy~
So glad you stopped by, I love meeting new bloggers. I am new too. I love all your posts, and especially that poem. I call myself and artist, but I also call myself a junker. I was on the curb today gathering up some good trim to make some picture frames. I love finding something I can use. I will make something to put on my wall using that poem. I love it.