Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretty Pinks For You~

Here's wishing all you pink Saturday fans
a fabulous day!



Chari said...

Hi Candy...

Awww...what beautiful pink ladies...and little girls! Hehe! I just adore this old vintage art and sweet!!! Thanks for sharing them with all of us...

Warmest wishes,

Mimi said...

Happy Pink Saturday. Your blog is just such a delight to visit each week. Of course, all of the pink goodies always warm my ♥. This week everyone seems to be out-doing themselves!

Wishing you, and all those close to your ♥, a purr-fect weekend filled with joy, peace and gracious living.

The picture I found on a site that had shared graphics. Do you have the copyright on it? I don't want to intrude.

Smilingsal said...

Email Beverly early so you can get on that list!

Pretty pinks, Candy. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

Mimi said...

Candy, now you've got me trying to remember where I found it and wondering if anyone knows the artist. I'm pretty sure I got it from a site that had nothing but vintage items and they were separated into categories...children, pets, mothers, fathers, holidays.

This is gonna drive me NUTS! Don't you just hate it when you can't remember something that you thought you'd never forget. When I have the time I should go through some of my graphic bookmarks.

Have a great Saturday! I've got a kitty sleeping on my lap, purring, what could be better?

Mimi said...

Geez, here I am AGAIN! You know, it sure looks like something Florence Kroger or Bessie Gutmann would have done.

Connie said...

Candy, thank you for the comment today, sweetpea! It takes me so long to get around to those on Pink Saturday that I may not get to some until the weekdays but I get the ones who leave me a comment asap, sugar! Your graphics are sweet, honey, and I like the 4/15 graphics. Yep, they're getting all our money now, aren't they! Chin up, cuz it will get worse, chickee!

The Junkin' Yaya said...

HI sweetie!

Thanks so much for stoppin' by the yaya! I did visit your "rock candy store"---and LOVE your work! If you are ever in Houston, make sure you let me know, and we will "do lunch"! :)

xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)

Dixie said...

Candy... always sweet pictures... today #3 is my favorite.

have a wonderful Sunday.
blessings. Dixie

Gossamer Creations said...

Those are so pretty. I especially like the 3rd one sweet. Happy Pink Saturday,


These are beautiful, Candy! Hope all is well with you!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I just love seeing the graphics on vintage postcards. These are so pretty. Thanks for sharing. laurie

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Lovely pinks! Sorry, I'm a bit late for Pink Saturday. Have a wonderful week.


Jeanne said...

Candy, I love your vintage prints. Awesome and so pretty in pink. Who is singing?. I love it. Is she the little girl on the talent Idol show?