Sunday, April 5, 2009

2nd Time Around Market

The Flea Market was full of 2nd Time Around stuff
and there was at least Three or More of everything!

to the
Wimberley Market Report

Starting with what I brought home...

for the birds,
a sweet pink rose feeder,

this charming vintage butter dish,

and I couldn't resist this cute little shelf
which will be perfect to showcase several
miniature beauties.

Yes, I have a shelf thing going on~
my photography doesn't do them justice
(the one above is only 9" wide while the
bigger HEAVY one below is 30")

Now I will report on just a few of the hundreds
of things available...more than the eye can take in
or the brain can contain.

This tea cup fountain would be
the perfect centerpiece for a bubbly tea party!

Vintage baby items, all with a story to tell if they could.

Artwork galore~

How about a little black and white and pink?
Two pretty sinks...
and two portly pigs!

Some rather large yard art in
bright Spring colors,
just in time for Easter.

O.K. I did drool over this gazebo.
Would be perfect in my yard...
(picture to show my handyman at home)

Another picture to remind me what to do
with all the raw resources around my property!
~A Texas Hanging Garden~

And Dixie, the scarf lady from French Lique
arrived wearing this soft blue blouse and
vintage charmed necklace...but no scarf.

We were in for a warm sunny Texas day,
so she had left off any unnecessary accents.

But not for long because as we wandered
down the first lane she came upon a table
loaded with scarves...
long, broad strips of silk of every
shape and design.
This one was a perfect companion
for her attire.

One booth had a sign for every person
and every occasion.
I am still trying to figure out where I fit in with
the ladies I shared a fun Saturday in the
hill country...
If there were six of us, does that still make me

That's O.K. it's more fun that way...



Dixie said...

Hey... how come I didn't get to see all that good stuff Saturday? Oh wait, I forgot, Mom had you runing back and forth to the car like a little ping-pong bunny... LOL

I stopped at the store for a bottle of water in Geronimo and a lady said... "Oh, I just love ladies that wear scarves, and yours is soooo beautiful... where ever did you get it?"... to which I replied... "oh this old thing...?"

tehehe... can't tell everything I know... Yes, next time we'll have to hang together more... because we are a force to be reckoned with when we're together!

:) have a great week... hugs...

ellen b. said...

Hi Candy! What a great collection of goodies you are showing today. That gazebo is very cool. I love the sign. Happy 3 or more to you!!

ann said...

How fun.I bet yall had a blast.I love the pitchers and bowls the go on my dry sink i am going to get one day.ha.i so enjoy seeing yalls trips.i feel almost like i am with you...Ann

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hi - wow that looks like a fun day! I need to remember to bring a camera on trips like that.
LOVE the things you showcased, and that little beaded bird feeder is so adorable. Lovely post, thanks!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Candy,
Flea markets are the most fun aren't they?

I really adore that fountain made from the china!

Thanks for linking to 2nd Time Around!
:) Diane

Charlene said...

The new bird feeder is a cool idea. May have to try to make something on that wave... While in California I found a cute simple idea. She just hung tea cups on nails sticking out of trees. Some had succulants planted some were empty... but hey couldn' we place bird seed in the cups????? Hmmmm things are perking as we speak. Loved the butter dish!