Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Come on in ~

Welcome ladies, hope you brought your sweet hubbys along.
Fix yourself a drink and enjoy the great outdoors.
Almost all the work is done,
just need a little help if you don't mind.

(have to run a last minute errand)

I left the cookbook open or check with Mr. Rooster on
when to turn the corn and meat
and I'll be right back.

I look forward to resting from a wild Wednesday
as we visit a few places set for entertaining...

Honey, could you please bring me another Margarita?

Come on ladies let's go back to Susan's



ellen b. said...

Your setting outdoors is so inviting. What a lovely space you have. Now can I join you for a margarita :0)

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Totally fun and loving your header with the bed--- Amazing!

Becareful... dont leave or you might be missing your yummy baskets and Rooster. (what rooster..anyone see a rooster?)


Dixie said...

So.. what time does the cookout start.. I don't want to be late!

happy day! Dixie

ps... Geronimo Antiques closed on Wednesday... drove by today traveling between SM & Seguin...

Linda said...

Such a great outdoor setting! Love the rooster and we will be right over for the BBQ, lol!
Linda Q

Sandi McBride said...

One more little drinky poo and off to Susan's I'll where has Mac wandered off to now?

Kammy said...

Wow Candy - I love your patio - that brick bar is so cool !I hope Mr.Rooster remembers to watch the BBQ ! LOL !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Chandy said...

I love bbq's! Such a nice setting... Great share, Candy!

xinex said...

Oh how pretty, Candy! I LOVE this outdoor setting!...Christine

Brenda said...

You have such a lovely outdoor setting here! Your friends and family must ask to be invited a lot! This is truly beautiful and inviting there under the shade of the trees.

Mary said...

Oh what fun! Such a beautiful outdoor setting. Love the rooster. ;)

Sandra said...

I love your setting! I love reading blogs from other Texas gals since i'm a Texas gal myself. :)Have a wonderful Day!

Lynn said...

Beautiful! Love those colors--and roosters! I was born in the year of the rooster!

Sandra said...

Hi Candy. Thank you for the lovely comment:) I live in West Texas. :) Odessa, Tx. I read on your blog that you are close to Austin? It's a little ways from me. lol Texas is soooo huge! It would be nice to have a blogger party sometime!
Have a good day!

Chari said...

Hi Candy...

Ohhh yes, I would happily turn that scrumptious looking dinner on the grill!!! hehe!!! Girl, you have a fabulous...really fabulous outdoor patio!!! How great for entertaining...I just love it!!! You have everything so pretty...from all the beautiful planters full of flowers to the table set in style!!! Oooh...and just look at all of that mouth watering food!!! Ohh yes...your fabulous patio is soooo conducive to doing a little partying!!! hehe!!!

Warmest wishes,

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a great setting -- now that rooster really has something to crow about! I'll have one of those margaritas too please!

Terry said...

Howdy Candy
Oh my how elegant everything looks.
I must say that Margarita hit the spot .Will have to ride back around for another a little later on in the evening.
Thank you so much for the fantastic party.
I had a really fun time .
Hey you even got my hubby out of his corner, Backyard B.B.Q. and a little manly sports talk will work everytime :)
You are a wise woman my blogging friend.
Blessings of happiness to you .

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

This is so pretty. I want to see the arbor or whatever it is that your table is under. Is there a picture of it somewhere on your blog? LUV Mr. Rooster-especially if he helps with the cooking! laurie