Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do I qualify for Dixie's new JUNKIN' BLOG?

Every Thursday I run my son into
the village for fiddle lessons. I slow
down, push him out, and head for
Old River Road thrift.
Even though I was there yesterday with
my friend, Terry, they didn't have much.

But today, Honey, I was snatchin' and grabbin.'
With projects swimming in my head...
(without much brains there's plenty of room)

Crocheted table cloth, silk window scarf,
and more Oh! My!
Ms. Lamb was tucked down on the bottom shelf
just wondering who would
see her beauty and
love her.
"I will ~ you cute little thing!"

It's those one-of-a-kind things that make me
want to jump up and down...just ask Dixie and Terry.

What to cook in this pot?
How about cactus soup. We saw some really
cute ones yesterday in all kinds of containers.

Books! YES!!!
I was arranging, well really re-arranging some books
the other day. Commented to sweet hubs, I NEED more
book shelves. He repiled, 'Maybe you need to get
rid of some books!'

Have read Judy Blume children's books
so thought this might be good...Wifey.
I am a bit cautious from the book cover description
but I'll keep an open mind...
well maybe half open.

And this vintage baby book is just too sweet.
Not even used. I'll have to scan some pages for you
embellishing ladies to use. Looks like the same
artwork as my own baby book.
Does that make me vintage?

I'm glad sweet hubs doesn't follow my blog.
He just sees stuff piling up and quietly wonders.
Now I'm off to see what's pilin' up at your place!
Tales from Bloggeritaville



blushing rose said...

Go, Candy ... I'd block my DH if I ever thought he'd read to see what I buy ... um-hmmm!

Looks like a fun place ... the lamb is adorable! TTFN ~Marydon

Jean Tuthill said...

I love places like that! I often sneak to the Salvation Army, and say I'm going to the bank. Don't tell on me, please! He says I have too much stuff, I say you can NEVER have to much stuff! THE LAMB IS SO CUTE!

Dixie said...

Yes dear friend... you definately qualify! In fact.. you are royalty when it comes to "junkin" as far as I'm concerned!

and how could sweet hubs even THINK you need to get rid of anything... there's still a couple of spots on the porch... aren't there?!

The Rustic Victorian said...

You definately qualify,,looks like you had a bit of fun gathering treasures. What do men know anyhow..

Eileen said...

Great finds! I'm coveting that vintage baby book! Sweet!
All the best,

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Candy, I love your treasures, especially the crochet and the baby book. Isn't it fun to go in and just find all kinds of things there waiting for you. Tomorrow is garage sale day, maybe I'll get lucky.

Reflections ... said...

I enjoyed your post today. You have such a gift for writing and staging! I loved the way you displayed your "treasures" and especially think the lamb is divine! Let me know about Judy Bloom's book, Wifey. I'm very curious!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Well now you are lucky -- gorgeous thrift finds, and a husband who doesn't read your blog. Mine reads That Old House at work, and sometimes comments!


Meanwhile, make sure you have a VERY open mind when you crack open "Wifey." I know I read it years ago, don't remember details, but --- let's just say it's not Blume kid stuff!