Monday, August 17, 2009

Blue & Yellow Monday

My little bluebirds have a message on this


I love books and this room just
seems to say...
Come on in through the yellow door
and explore!

And what could be more cheery than
a bright yellow pantry where everything
is labeled and ready to make something


Final else could
MOSAIC MONDAY to celebrated?
but by BLUE & YELLOW together

(enlarge to be thrilled by that dragonfly dressed just for today)

Monday memes to visit and join in the fun...

Smiling Sally


Little Red House



Becky K. said...

Ooooh, you got very creative to get all three parties in so beautifully. Nice job. I love the mosaic.. and that pantry...oh and the little birds. Yep, I love it all!

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Happy Blue Monday, Candy! Loved your post today; especially the little birdies and the mosaic.


Carol said...

Great photos! Your yellow door shot and yellow pantry are gorgeous. And I love the photo creative...

SmilingSally said...

I noticed some blue and white beside that pantry. Happy Blue Monday.

Sandi McBride said...

Gosh, I never knew I loved yellow so much!

AnnA said...

Very colourful mosaics you are showing!
Have a nice week!/

susan said...

Now that took some thought to incorporate the three themes!! I love your mosaic especially the tulips and hyacinths together!

Riet said...

Beautiful mosaic. Blue and yellow are the best together. Have a nice day

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Hi Candy~
Loved, loved, loved the dragonfly. He is soooooooo beautiful. Your whole blog was so enchanting today, the colors perfect.
Want you to know I enjoyed being with you so much last Friday. Sorry we didn't get to do the town as Austin said, but we had fun anyway. Maybe we can all get together again one day. Austin hated to see you go, isn't he something. Glad you are home safe and hope you had a great time.

Regina said...

Hi. Pretty mosaic and great post!

I combined my post too:).

Sherrie said...

Awesome Mosaic! Very colorful! Great pictures you have there. Have a great day!


Millie said...

What a vivid lovely!

Queenie said...

Beautiful Mosaic and Blog!

Coloradolady said...

What beautiful colors, those little blue birds are just adorable. Have a great Blue Monday.

Caroline said...

Love the festive mosaic! That dragon fly is amazing!

Bonnie said...

Love the mosaic. And yes, that dragonfly was spectacular!

Terry said...

Howdy Candy
Happy Monday.
Wow I almost didn't make it back to comment ,I kind of got sidetracked by all the books beyond the yellow door.
Yellow just seems to grab a hold of you when your not paying attention .
Your post was awesome as always.
Hope you are getting some rest after your long weekend.
Thank you for such an awesome post today.
Happy Blue Monday
Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Cass @ That Old House said...

OK, I DO want to go thru that yellow door and into that room! And I love the yellow pantry -- what a wonderful color to paint such a utilitarian space. Excellent.
But your mosaic? ZING! Fabulous!

Sarah said...

Love blue and yellow together. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!

Jenn@ You know... that Blog? said...

Wow, what a vivid mosaic! Love it!

Mary said...

Wow, what wonderful blues and yellows! Thanks so much for sharing in the fun at Mosaic Monday. :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh yes, that door and that room look very inviting!