Monday, September 21, 2009

Over the river...

...and through the woods...well you know how it goes.
But no pudding or pumpkin pie awaiting my arrival.
Just a cleaning bucket, mop, and vacuum.
It is cleaning day down at my
dear MIL's cottage in the woods.

But before I go here are two pictures to
celebrate fall.

Wonderful buttons ready to harvest
for those autumn projects.
Discovered at The Button Company.

The leaves are blowing in the air,
so drop your worries and your care
and head over to the Monday meme fairs.

BLUE MONDAY @ Smiling Sally
MELLOW YELLOW @ The Drowsey Monkey
MOSAIC MONDAY @ The Little Red House

~Candy the Cleaning Lady~


Stephanie V said...

Love your 'cleaning lady' picture. We should all be so cheerful about housework.

Marie Reed said...

Where every leave is a flower.. What a perfectly lovely sentiment!

Mary said...

What a beautiful picture of the lake. It looks really serene. I hope you can make speedy work of the cleaning and sit on the dock to enjoy the view for awhile.

SmilingSally said...

I'm not seeing much (if any) blue. Happy Blue Monday, Candy.

Kathy said...

Beautiful photos - I love the pic of the buttons and leaves. Thanks for the button link. I love buttons too!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Lovely pictures... got a kick out of the cleaning gal. Yeah, that's how I look when I clean, too....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Can't pick just one as a favorite though I am leaning toward the lake scene. :)

June said...

Hi cleaning lady, beautiful buttons to craft with. Your post made me smile. Please be careful going over to clean and don't rock the boat!lol

Sharon said...

What abeautiful sunny post. I always get a smile visiting you.!!!

Chany said...

Esa cnoa y esas hojas Kandy que maravilla, es un sueño, quiero pasear en esa canoa, me sentiría Pocahontas, jajaja hasta luego Chany.-

Anonymous said...

Beautiful view of the lake and taking a ride on that boat would be relaxing.

I like the quote where it says Autumn is when leaves turn to flowers :-)

Happy Blue Monday!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Aren't you clever - combining all of the Mon. memes into a pretty mosaic! Great cleaning lady picture, and oh, that picture of the lake is gorgeous. laurie

Pamela K H said...

Love your fall pictures. "Over the River" is so inviting. The colors are beautiful.
Thanks for the visit. I'm glad you could appreciate the yellow mushrooms. They really brightened my morning and put a smile on my face.

Regina said...

How lovely! I haven't seen autumn yet:)