Monday, November 2, 2009

It all began with one...

Just this one little 4" porcelain egg vase inherited
in the family.
Then I came across one that was a wee bit
bigger...5 1/2". It had survived a break
and was glued back together. Not the greatest
repair job, so I willing rescued it for $2.
And finally on a thrifting last week spied
these matching vases at a local
Antique Mall.
I love the delicate purple flowers
with raised white accents.

Just the perfect charming blue to show for
BLUE MONDAY at Smiling Sally's.
Showcased in a mosaic to qualify for
MOSAIC MONDAY at The Little Red House.

And I hope you let me sneak into
since I now have four pieces.
Thanks Tam at The Gypsy's Corner.

Sometime quite exciting is brewing at RockCandy but I won't be ready to share with you until next Monday. Will be a nice Met Monday showing. I am going to be chasing my tail this week so that's why I sneaked into Tuesday with this post. Hope you sweet chicks have a great beginning to your week.

Smiles & hugs...



SmilingSally said...

Candy, those pieces are so precious! Happy Blue Monday.


The eggs are gorgeous! I love the cheerful music you have playing.
Have a blessed day!

Sherrie said...

This is so beautiful! It's amazing the things you find treasure seeking. Have a great day!

A View of My Life

Darla said...

Very nice colors!

Mary said...

What lovely pieces. They are perfect for Blue Monday. Have a great day and enjoy the coming week.

Chris said...

Your porcelain is beautiful! Don't you just know when you find "one" of something lovely, a collection is going to happen? LOL!

I love that youe rescued one, even if not perfect.

Cherrie said...

Beautiful colors on your treasures!

Shabby Cottage Shoppe said...

I love the vases! What a fabulous find! I have one in the egg shape only in pink and wish I could find more.
Yours are lovely.

Mrs. P. said...

Oh, the violets are so lovely. Beautiful mosiac too. In the language of flowers, violets mean faithfulness :)

Blessings from Faithfulness Farm!

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

What beautiful pieces!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Candy... I'm sorry I'm late to the Blue Monday greeters parade, but my network was down for HOURS. It might go down again, so I will make this fast. LOVE the china eggs and the other china pieces. I can see why you wanted more because they are so pretty! I love violets and have some pieces my mother and MIL gave me when I first married. And I dare say you have a great collection there, Miss Candy!

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)

June said...

What beautiful porcelain Candy. I love the colors in it. Just the perfect blue.
Dang,we have to wait till you're ready to spill it! lol Can't wait!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Your lovely porcelain pieces remind me of my grandmother...and the mosaics are beautiful...

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful mosaics. The vases are so pretty.

Linda Q said...

So fun that you found things to match something you already had.
Pretty collection!
Linda Q

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness!
I can't believe you Happened upon these beauties!
I think I simply do not know how to shop!

Sarah said...

Beautiful blues. I'll let you know about this weekend. Still trying to work out my schedule. ~ Sarah

Mary said...

Oh Candy, how beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your lovelies at MM. :)