Sunday, January 10, 2010


Discovered SILVER SUNDAY just this morning
and am finally getting time to play.

How about a little sampling of
thrift store finds.

A vase loaded with lost silver.
During a visit to Sweet Up-North Mornings, she used the phrase silver orphanage to describe some of her collection, I loved the expression and asked if I could use it. I made a tiny padded pillow from some taffeta ribbon to hang on my assortment of knives.
If silver is your thang!
Bop on over to the
Gypsy Fish Journal
and say HI to Beth.

The sun is shining today in a
shimmering shade of silver.



Dixie said...

I was wondering where you'd been... knowing that you've got tons to show on this mini-meme... (since it ends...sadly...Feb. 7th!)

see ya soon!

Teresa said...

What a terrific and fun idea for orphaned silver! I love it and you've done it up wonderfully!

Thanks so much for sharing today and Happy Silver Sunday!


P.S. Really enjoying Connie!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

LOL, Silver Orphange, love it! Well, they have a home now with you!!



The Muse said...

Everything needs a home...this is wonderful! As I do love silver :)

And I am just drooling over your little pillow!

Barbara Jean said...

Love your silver orphanage.

I'm just joining in too.
I mean just right now!
Better late than never. =0))


barbara jean

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm happy you made it to the party. I knew you would have lots of silver to share. Love the Silver Orphanage sign. Clever! ~ Sarah

Candylei said...

I came to see you nice silver and fell in love with the beds on your banner and the couch swing on the sidebar. Beautiful!