Monday, January 18, 2010

What to do?

...when you lose the internet? Well, even though I missed Silver Sunday and all my favorite Monday memes I did get some much needed house cleaning done.

And I also had to pull some decorating books and magazines out since I couldn't surf the web for inspiration.
The picture above came form a
Victoria Feb 1996.

I also scanned a few more photos to share as we get closer to the month of hearts and roses.

Happy to be back in touch!



Lou Cinda said...

That lace runner is breathtaking!

Love ~ it !

Lou Cinda

Sarah said...

Your posts reminds me that I want to gather up all my past issues of Victoria. I've stored them in a cabinet in the garage, and my husband thinks I either need to part with them or keep them where I'll use them from time to time. So.... I need to move them one place or the other. ~ Sarah

Lady Farmer said...

I think pulling out my Victoria magazines is just what I will do! I want to creat something, but am totally uninspired. I think this will be just the ticket!
Thanks for the creative spark!

Dixie said...

it's amazing how tied to modern communications and conveniences we've become... I think that's why I love to camp in the mountains... no phone, no internet... just quiet...

see you Thursday mornin'!

Cherie said...

Candy, arent you excited for Valentines? Blogville will be so beautiful. I cant wait! I am happy that you are back with us. Amazing how much we can get done when the computer is down right?

Lynn said...

I LOVE your new profile picture! You are so cute!

icandy... said...

I love to pull out my decorating books for inspiration every once in a while!
It's always nice to be back online... you get to play catch-up now! :)

Barbara Jean said...

Love hat vignette on the stool!!

I do not want my computer to be down, but oftentimes i think it is the only way i will drag myself away from here to get something else done.
I am one of those addicted bloggers.
no kidding!

I admire those in blog land who can actually put it aside when it got to be too much for them.

well, enough rambling on. Must have needed to get that off my chest. =))


barbara jean

Terry said...

Howdy Candy
Blessings to you sweetie !
So glad you are here .
Love the photo :)
I wish I had kept all my back issues but when we moved they had to go ,so now I enjoy the fabulous photos you share .
They actually mean more than you'll ever know .
Thank you for sharing !
Have a wonderful day my blogging friend .
Happy Trails

Marie Reed said...

I often tel my boyfriend to hide my laptop computer somewhere in the house from me so that I get get something done! Its so addictive:)

The Rustic Victorian said...

I had a friend who had every single old issue of Victoria from day one, and she put them all in a dumpster one day,,I about killed her.
Lovely image Candy.
I get something done without a computer too,,,lol