Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebrating BLUE MONDAY
waiting at the window for
you to arrive.
Cupcakes for breakfast? Why not!
And I thought these were the cutest
'hat' stands. Now I'm looking for
cute pots to rescue from the trash
There's some chippy BLUE
and YELLOW too.

For more sunshine on a gray day
and to chase the blues away
Smiling Sally's

Also check out my coffee table makeover
for Metamorphosis Monday...just below.



SmilingSally said...

I've always questioned how we can eat pancakes, doughnuts, and french toast for breakfast and not cake. Happy blue Monday, Candy!

Manang Kim said...

I am collecting blue bottles too and you've got beautiful collection there. Happy Blue Monday!

What a deal

The Happy Homemaker said...

Such beautiful photos! I really love the first photo.It's so dreamy...the light looks like it might be a rainy day...ahh,my favorite time to curl up with a book...Thanks for posting this!

Helen said...

... and here I am ~~ tap, tapping on your window. Love your photos today.

Ann Creek said...

Love the insulator covers, pretty window. I'm headed to the garage to see if I can find some old pots too. Just too cute. Happy Blue Monday.

♥ Kathy said...

cupcakes for breakfast? I'm there :) Happy Blue Monday!

Matty said...

These are nice cozy, country scenes. Blue cupcakes look very inviting.

daylily777 said...

Beautiful Blues !

Sandy said...

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday! Interesting hat stands!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Love those hat stands!!! I will be looking for pots now too!!

Beth Niquette said...

Beautiful! Inspiring. Thank you!