Sunday, June 13, 2010

Heck Yeah!

Registration ends tonight
at midnight and...
If it weren't for
the last minute,
nothing would get done!

Slid in under the wire with a little help from Dixie. Thanks girlfriend!...we are going to have a blast! I'm packin' my trusty wheel barrow in case that new knee of yours can't keep up. Also packin' a little Coyote Gold ;-)

If you've been putting it off
move it...move it...move it...
Paper Cowgirl Altered Art Retreat



LaVerne said...

Wow! I have serious wheelbarrow envy...that pink baby is amazing...looks like a citygirl's toy...the terrain might be too much for her...thanks for visiting today and thanks for signing up for my class...we're gonna have us some cowgurl fun...see you in a couple of weeks!
I did fish a wheelbarrow out of the river in the 2002 flood...wouldn't that be a fun thing to do to it?


That is a fun wheel barrow .. I imagine it makes yard work more fun. Love those girly boots too!

Grace said...

Yeehaw Lucky Girl!! I am jealous wish I could go this year. Grace xoxo

Debby said...

Love the wheelbarrow, and I am very jealous your are going to papergirls, should be lots and lots of fun!!!

cindy said...

Looking forward to meeting ya! I'm glad you slid in under the wire! ;)