Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wander across the bridge for a short
visit with me.

We'll sit in the cool breeze,
just imagine a cool breeze...
(remember this is Texas)

Let's talk about things to plant in.
Let's think outside the pot!

Things sure to be on my garage sale list...
shoes and toys.

I love to have a bit of whimsy
not only in my house but
also in my
Outdoor garden.

Outdoor Wednesday
A Southern Daydreamer



Grace said...

Ahh nice and comforting visiting with you today....You had asked if I ever had gone to Paper Cowgirl but no. I met Ann-Denise in April and we became great friends loved her classes and then it came up that Paper Cowgirl was coming up and I could just not make it this year for sure! Can't wait to see what you make and all the fun you will have! Grace

The Blackwood Cottage said...

A garden that looks and feels like home, love the beginning graphic too!

Joyce said...

Oh how adorable. I have a big bag of toys to go to goodwill and I think that I will plant in the little trucks and cars. My grands will think that this is a fun project to do with them. Thanks for sharing the idea with me. Keep cool!

LV said...

How clever you are. Those are such unique and great ideas for planters. Glad another Texan visited my blog. I would enjoy sitting in the breeze with you and enjoying a glass of tea, but we are getting high winds not cool breeze.

Cherrie said...

Shoe planters...Cool!