Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playing in Switzerland

Here is just a peek of all the adventures we experienced in the green valleys of the Alps. The guys had ridden trottis down the mountain side. These are scooters you stand on while zooming downhill on the switch-back railings I might add. The day before they had tackled a six mile trek on a dirt (and rocks) trail with large fat tire trottis. They wanted me to experience the thrill too so we set out for the 'family trotti trail.' Taking a lift to the starting point, up, up, up we went over the green tree tops and meadow clearings with Swiss cows and their cow bells.

We were handed a helmet, a scooter, and pointed in the direction of the trail. That's it! Of course, before getting on the lift at the bottom of the mountain we had to sign a paper releasing them of ALL responsibility...we were on our own. This pathway was asphalt, not dirt and rocks, and my son let me know how wimpy this was in comparison. Samuel zoomed to the bottom in plenty of time to capture the photo finish of his old parents. My sweet hubby allowed me to cross the finish line first...what a gentleman. I swear I was going ffaaasssttt! all the while telling myself...stay up, stay up, stay my son I am cool! I am cool but not sure I convenienced him.
These snow peeks could be seen from our hotel balcony. Taking two different styles of lifts and cable cars we arrived at the top to this restaurant in the round. A rotating structure which gives a 360 degree view while dining. Wonderful!
While up top we went out on the snow and also took a tour of an ice cave craved into the glacier.In Interlaken, Samuel got to hang glide with this fun-lovin' Assuie. Berne gave him an awesome view of the valley from a bird's eye view. What a blast!

That was Switzerland in a nut shell...
but it was so much more than
any pictures can portray.

The land of wonder...



Dixie said...

Samuel will cherish all the memories of his adventures with his mom and dad... for all of his life... what great parents you and Doug are... the proof is in the son...
hugs. Dixie

Sharon said...

What fun. Happy trails.