Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can't STOP!

Grocery shopping by way of the Thrift Store...of course!

not sure their purpose?
FOUND OUT~vintage candle snip~

As soon as I get through my son's Court of Honor to celebrate becoming an EAGLE I am going to start creating.

Thanks for letting me share my new trinkets.


Linda said...

Candy, well looks like you had a productive time "grocery" shopping, LOL! Some fun finds, I look forward to seeing what you do with all those fun things.
And I got your tagged message, thank you, I will have to work on that in a bit this evening.
Hugs, Linda

Peggy. said...

What great stuff. I almost went to Goodwill today but the parking lot was so crowded I just didn't want to deal with the crowd. I wasted time in JoAnns Fabric instead.

Barb said...

Love it all!!!

Little white shoes, pin cushions??

Blessings as you thrift and create.

Barbara Jean

Anonymous said...

Bad girl! LOL! Grocery shopping with a detour! You did good!

Thanks for stopping by my blog again. It's always so nice to see you there. And thanks for the sweet comments about my collage. I can't get enough of it it seems! Today is still the weekend and I get to play again today! Back to real work home at least...and at least doing something else I love, but I really would like another few days to just play! ;-)

Happy Sunday, Candy!

prof en retraite said...

Love your finds! The tiny shoes are sooo cute!...Debbie