Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's on my PORCH wall?

I have been working TOO!!! hard
for the past week.
I miss blogging so much.

Lying in bed this morning thinking
what can I post today...
Wednesday...What's on Your Wall?
I think, "What's NOT on my walls?"

So today I will show a little of what's on
my front porch walls.
I, like my Granny before me, are from
the tribe of
so my porches should be
a warning of what is
on the inside...
Stuff, Stuff and MORE Stuff!!!

we live in a gated community with
three different kind of deer.
White Tail, Black Buck Antelope, & Fallow

I have black boards on two porches
and change out says every now and then.
I made this sign (below) many, many years ago.

This would have also been great for
2nd Time Around yesterday
because all this stuff has
been rescued and given a place
of honor.

Hope to return to my regular
visits soon. Please don't forget
about me!

Barb may not get to this post again this week,
Mr. Grits is needing our prayers.
Go by, read, and pray.



Helen said...

I am a big birdhouse collector .. so I really love your porch decor.

KBeau said...

Your porch must be so much fun. Most of the stuff on my screened porch is 2nd or 3rd time around. In fact, temps here were in the 80's today, so I spent some quality time on the porch reading.

marty39 said...

Oh, I love all the wonderful items you've rescued and put to beautiful use as wonderful decorations on your porch. Just gorgeous.

Dixie said...

Candy... I think I'll just come shopping at your house next time i'm in the Wimberly area... ;) Dixie

Barb said...

Love your 'stuff, stuff, stuff' on your porch!!

Just thought I'd better come by and see what you have been up too.

Barbara Jean

This simple Life said...

Your Porch inspires me to work on mine, LOVELY.