Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cowgirl Up!

Saturday I went riding with a friend who
lives on a beautiful ranch.
We had so much fun and I hope to go again real soon.
The views were wonderful
as you can see the hills of Wimberley.

I came home with several rolls of old rusty fencing
to use in my front yard. Keeping the deer out of
MY area is an ongoing project. I use mostly local
plantings but still would like to have a few
flowering pockets here and there.

(you really must click to enlarge)
I just LOVE Spring!

After a little rain the salvia is full of
pretty pink flowers...the butterflies and
humming birds are in heaven.

I even have a few irises ready to open and
show off their purple petals.

I do see a little evidence of nibbling:-(

This is on the outer edge where I was
working this morning until the sun
got a little too hot. Can you see
my 'new' 2nd Time Around fence?

Thanks for stopping by day.



Susie Mitchell said...

Hi Candy! My Sis was a long time hairdresser. Customers from the lake were always fighting with the deer. They would come to her shop every week knowing she had saved hair clippings for them to put around their place to discourage the deer. Another thing that works on cats...they hate the smell of orange peelings...might work for deer too.
Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Blessings, Susie

Mary H said...

~Candy~~Landscape is beautiful...we have an ongoing problem on just our 1 acre with the deer. Doesn't help that my husband treats them like pets either. I planted 3 beautiful tree roses up my driveway last year and I have 2 now. They bloomed beautifully before the "bambis" got them. Worse yet Mama deer is pregnant now and I think she's setting up camp in our oak bushing croppings above and over from our house. More deer. I love to see them, they just play havoc on my pretty flower and vegetable gardens. My MIL suggested we use moth balls and for a short time cut hair (like another blogger suggested) worked on the hollyhock bush. Noticed 2 days ago that my lush hollyhock that was just about to bloom is now a stripped stick. Ugh!
Cowgirl up is right...you look great on that horse. Ride and enjoy your day! Hugs.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Everything looks beautiful. Mary might be right on the moth balls, they keep cats out of the flower beds. You look cute on that horse, he/she is very pretty.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Deb said...

What a gorgeous horse! Your friend's ranch looks like an amazing spot. Beautiful 2nd Time Around post.

Helen said...

Your second time around fence looks like it will do the trick ~ good job!!!

Smilingsal said...

I've heard that deer can be real pests.

Jeanne said...

Candy, what a lovely place to live and enjoy. You look very natural on that handsome horse. Dear have not invaded us but they are all over here. We do have dogs and I think that keeps them out of my flowers.

Have a wonderful day.


KBeau said...

Would love to hear about any tips you have on the deer. I was looking at plants today and afraid to buy anything because the deer that visit my yard every night might eat them.

foxxy said...

Your pictures are great! The scenery is beautiful. I hope that fence helps you out.

Dixie said...

Look at all the words in this post! and I read every one of them!

Don't you look grand on horseback girl! I'm green with envy...

As for the plant issue... between the bunnies and the deer out here... I'm lucky to have a garden of any kinds... truthfully, I just plant "food" they don't prefer... and sometimes... I plant food that they do like... but somewhere else so they stay away from the garden.

Great post Miss Candy... talk to you soon! Dixie

ann said...

oh Candy,you are so lucky.i am a Texan and I can't ride a horse.yep!we used to raise them.i can walk em and feed em and pet em and love on em.i think they are one of Gods prettiest animal.but.................i have this fear....i can't help it.and the horses know it and they pitch me before my seat gets warm.i'm not afraid of them.i'm not afraid of being pitched.i've been pitched by the best of them???????it's just some kind of built in fear.i can't get rid of.the experts say people like me can NEVER ride.baaaaaaaaaa.
so i'll just watch my friends....ann

sunnymama said...

That's a great 2nd time around fence!

The Rustic Victorian said...

OH, great shots,,love the one with you on the horse,,makes my lower extremidies sore just thinking about it. I used to ride as a kid and loved it.
Good luck with the fence,,,looks high enough.
Happy weekend!