Monday, May 4, 2009


2nd Time Around got me to thinking...


Do you remember your first ride?

Do you remember what park it was in?

Was it fun or a little scary?

Hope you enjoyed the ride.

Once we come to a complete stop,
please exit to the left.
Next ride over at Diane's
walk don't run...

Enjoy your Tuesday and I hope
you don't get dizzy.



Marsha's Mpressions said...

What a fun ride! Haven't done that in ages! Great photos, Candy.

Smilingsal said...

I honestly do not remember my first ride.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Carosels were always my favorite! I purchased a carosel horse a few years back ~ funny story ~ hubby said he didn't want me to bid on it, so I was determined to win it at a local auction ~ what I didn't know was that he was in the back of the room bidding, too! Needless to say, I won it! :0)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come visit often!

Angelic Accents

Chandy said...

The kids rode in the nearby mall, but me, I think it was in the Bonfante Gardens in Gilroy, CA. It was definitely fun!

Great post, Candy!

Christi said...

I remember my first merry-go-round. It was in the city park in my home town. It is still there. Loved it. Thanks for reminding me.

Christi @ A Southern Life

Jeanne said...

Hi Candy, what fun on the merry go round. We lived on a dairy farm in a small town and I was grown up before I rode a merry go round. I loved it.
a fun post today.


The Muse said...

I invite you to drop by for a visit (at the above url)as I also celebrate the blogland event 2nd Time Around Tuesday.

Oh goodness...wouldn't be fantastic to have an old carousel horse!? Ah...fantasies can be joyously carefree and filled with childhood innocence!

bj said...

ooo, I can remember my first ride as if it were yesterday...and the park where I rode. My daddy and mom divorced when I was 7 and he would come by and take me to FAIR PARK in DALLAS, TEX. and we rode the Merry Go Round over and over and over again. I was never scared..guess cause my dad was right there...gosh..that was a lifetime ago and it is so vivid right now I am crying cause I miss my daddy...and here I am, a great-grandmother. Just goes to show you never quit missing your loved ones.
Thanks for the memories..bwaaaaaa...
xo bj

My Crafty Little Page said...

Yes, I do remember...the kiddie park and it was like Disneyland to me! Love your little book. xoxo Nancy

Chari said...

Hi Candy...

How are you my friend? I love carosels!!! In fact, I have a small collection of them! There is just something magical about them! Can you imagine the many hours that some of these artists spend on making and painting these beauties? Ohhh myyy!!! This was such a sweet thought today...but I must admit that I can't remember my first merry-go-round ride...but it hasn't been that long ago since I did ride on one...I can use my grandchildren for an excuse to ride! Hehe!!!

Warmest wishes,

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

This brought back fun memories for me. Love The Little Golden Book. Thanks for the reminders. laurie

Terry said...

Oh I love it !
Last June my husband took me for a midnight ride at The Aquarium in Houston.He actually got them to let us be the only two after the park had closed and they still had to do cleanup and counting.We had such a great time with the staff. We rode everything twice :)
It was so much fun.
Thank you for posting these photos .Great childhood memories and a special anniversary.
I love riding on a carousel.
Blessings to you dear lady.