Saturday, July 18, 2009

DisneyLand 1963...

I am doing a bit of time travel for my first
Sightseeing Saturday post.

Over the past several weeks several bloggers have brought fond memories to the forefront of my mind.

One lady shared about a trip to DisneyLand and how the Tikki room was a highlight. But time has changed it and not for the better. From her description I would have to agree.

And another lady, making an apron from her grandmother's pattern, made me think of my own Granny. She made most of our clothes. The shift--1960's--remember those? Granny made one for each of us girls. I'm the one on the left with my older sister and you-know-who in the middle.

Daddy, Mother, Granny, Pam,
ME, yes the bow-legged one ;-)
and cute little Dawn.

Not sure why Granny didn't make
Daddy and Papa a matching shirt.

Not many photos from the days before digital :-(

Post about your travels and share the memories
at Christine's Home and Travel Adventures.

and if you've come over for my Pink post
keep scrollin' and I hope you all have
a wonderful day!



Cherrie said...

My mom made all my clothes until I was about 12! Then I wanted new store bought clothes because I didn't think her homemade clothes were cool enough! Little did I know, my friends told me later they had loved my clothes because everything was matching!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Candy, that shot of all of you in descending height with matching shifts is priceless! I love it, and I remember those shifts. My own "Granny" made them for us, too! :-)


Sheila :-)

Leann said...

I'm visiting for PS and loved the dishes that you've shown, but I must say I adore this post.

Wasn't life wonderful way back when?

Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love company!

Enjoy your Day!

Terry said...

Howdy Candy
What a precious post.
Thank you for sharing your sweet sweet memories with us today.
Those were the days so simple and carefree.
I love those matching dresses they are pretty like the women and girls wearing them.
Does anyone even think of doing loving things like this anymore ?
Maybe your post will provide inspiration for someone .
Have a blessed Saturday afternoon and a cool relaxing rest of the
Happy Trails

Dixie said...

now that is one cute family! LOL

adorable.. and yes.. my granny made my sister and blue shifts back in 1965-66... baby blue and exactly alike... I haven't thought in them in years... until now... so cute... thanks as always for inspiring my own memories!

been painting stuff white in preparation of my new venture... or is it an "adventure"... maybe some of both!

LV said...

A very nice post. Pink Saturdays are a fun place to share neat pinks.

Reflections ... said...

What a great post - wonderful pictures - great memories. I love to look at past travels as well. I also love the matching outfits. Too cute!

marty39 said...

What precious and fun pictures and I love all the dresses. Great memories. Hugs, Marty

Rebecca said...

Very precious, Candy. I lived only about 18 miles from Disneyland in 1963. We were there many times. Foolishly no one EVER snapped a single picture. :( :( :(

I love the dresses. Reminds of my Grammy who loved to sew. She just passed last December and was almost 92. She'd have still been sewing if she could see...

I have ONE picture of my sister and brother At Knotts Betty Farm...hope to share that soon!

Sweet Post...loved it!


Katie said...

Oh my gosh those dresses are wonderful! A couple of good trips-down-memory-lane posts for Pink Saturday here and there! Happiest of Pink Saturdays to you!

Cheri Peoples said...

Fun memories. My Grandmother used to make us 3 girls matching dresses. I wish I had some to have my little girl wear.

Cheri Peoples said...

Thanks for coming by but I think the 3 boys from the G-force wouldn't appreciate dresses very much. hee hee