Friday, July 17, 2009

I sit here again today...

this is our 31st day of
triple digit temperatures
and no rain.

But your gardens in blogland,
full of green grass and
pretty petals of very color and shape,
are there for me to visit.

But there is a very small chance of rain
this weekend. So I wait...

...and watch...and hope.

That's my SHOW & TELL for today.
I TELL you...p l e a s e SHOW me your flowers.
Don't forget to go by Kelli's house for more



Anonymous said...

Oh Candy, I do pray that you get some rain very, very soon!! Those pictures are just precious!
Sending days of rain your way...with a hug,

Anonymous said...

We have been without rain for only a few days with those triple digit temperatures and yet within a few miles there have been torrential rains and even an isolated tornado in Orlando. It rains pretty much everyday for an hour or so here in hurricane season, but for now it is bypassing us. I love your sweet pictures and I wish you a wet weekend!

Debby said...

Hi Candy,

This is such a beautiful post, love your pics. Hoping you get some rain in the near future, that is too hot and too long without.

Sharing with Sherri said...

Your photos are so sweet!

Wow you've had 31 days of triple digits!! How horrible!
We've been having alot of triple digits here in N. Cali too! Today 106!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for air conditioning!

Fifi Flowers said...

J'adore that last photo... ADORABLE!!!

Susan B said...

Sweet pictures! I hope you get rain soon, and some relief from the triple digits! (We've been having some triple digits in our area too...though nothing compared to you.)

Jean said...

I feel sorry for you! Come over to my place and check out Bloomin' Tuesdays. You'll see lots of flowers from all over! Jean

Sandra said...

We're hoping for rain this weekend too. We need it desperately. My rose bushes are screaming for rain. Here's to hoping we all get in rain in this great state of Texas. :)

Terry said...

Howdy Candy
Oh sweetie thank you so much for the comment today.
This has been one of those days that you want to throw something at the computer .
It is not the computers fault .
Each time we have a wave of soldiers return home from Iraq,etc...our server gets slammed and crashes .
Praise God for our soldiers and their families I do have relatives
and friends in the military so I feel bad for complainiing at all.
Anyhoo I am so pleased to know that someone was able to get into my blog and I was finally able to visit all you awesome ladies .
Blessings to you.
Thank you for the visit.
Keep looking for the rain .
Blessings of joy to you and yours.
Happy Trails

Dixie said...

very little rain here yesterday... but oh the temps are down and I'm lovin' sittin' on the front porch this morning and enjoying the birds and the blue sky... a a few blogging visits...

Anonymous said...