Thursday, August 27, 2009

Somebody, please throw me a life perserver!

I am swamped under paper work with deadlines breathing down my neck. Gathering this and collecting that for my son's high school transcript. This fall being his Senior year is going to be buzzing with activities. Although it is neater to have all that information on the computer in nice little file folders...what do you do when the power goes out?

Fortunately it was only a couple hours, and then I was back at it. The work will continue in the morning until the clock strikes noon. That's when I load my suitcase with costumes, grab my ukulele, and head out the door.

Tomorrow I am off with the ukulele band to put on a luau show at a neighboring town's Retirement Home. I always take my camera and then things get crazy...SHOW TIME!!!I am packed up and heading home before it hits pictures again. I will go again tomorrow with high hopes of capturing some of the fun.
So for now it is more Tell than Show.
If time permits stop by and see what's going on at
Kelli's There is no place like home!

Hope Friday holds an adventure for you too!

Aloha ~Candy~


Dixie said...

have fun... when i get in the old folks home i hope you'll come play for me!

steviewren said...

I am amazed at the talented people you meet in the blog world. Where did you learn to play the ukulele? Sounds intriguing.

KBeau said...

Power outages are certainly no fun, and these days we seem to be having plenty of them. Was yours because of storms or heat?