Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Along life's highway...

Today we go for that fourth step in launching a child into the world. Oh how I remember, like it was yesterday, that first step, that last big PUSH and the joy of seeing him for the first time.

Step two was when his crawl became steps and then he could run. Run away with me chasing behind.

"1-2-3 release him to me!"
It was tough to hand my little guy to another teacher. After all I was his first, I taught him all he needed up to this point. Well it didn't take us long to reverse this step by bringing him home to school after first grade.

Fourth step, the driving permit. Today our adventure will be at the Department of Public Safety taking the test for his permit to operate an automobile.
automobile: a propelling mechanism for travel.
The next word that comes to mind is autonomy: self governing, independent.
For a little while longer I'll be there for guidance, to be that safety net, for peace of peace of mind. I know soon, way too soon, step five is around the bend in the road. But for now the goal is to keep the bends in the road and not on the bumper of the car.

I my mind's eye, that fifth step when he will solo, I'll be watching the tail lights fade into the distance as I fall to my knees in intercession.

There will probably be some white knuckles today but
for now here is a little
White Wednesday calm...

Peaceful, restful places.

Faded Charm is the place to visit if white, chippy,
vintage photos have a calming effect on you.



Dixie said...

Good morning Candy... you've expressed your feelings so well about the anxiety a mother feels when her child takes that big step into adulthood...drivers license... Your words brought up those same emotions in me..that I felt each time one of my little chicks got her license. It is a right of passage that almost all children go through... their freedom... our angst... I use to say that I reared my daughters to be strong independent young women and they turned around and used it on me!

He's a good boy. He will be fine.
sending lots of hugs.. Dixie

Laura said...

What a wonderful post Candy.
Everything keeps changing, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Candy, I feel your pain! I have two 15 year old sons. One will be 16 in January, the other in May. Some of their friends already have their own cars. My poor babies, I don't want them to be men yet. One of my boys asked me yesterday to buy him shaving supplies! Can you hear me sobbing?

KBeau said...

The driver's permit is a big step on the way to flying the nest. Have a good day, and try to stay calm.

Ana said...

Hi Candy,
Time just flys by too quickly...especially when you have kids. Don't you wish you could hold on to them for a little longer. They grow up so fast. I remember my baby's first day of kinder like it was yesterday. She starts high school this year! :-0 Anyway, take a deep breath and try to remain calm:-) Have a wonderful day!

♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

Lou Cinda said...

Been there...doing this! I have cried a million tears along the way! Two sons, 19 and 17..pulling, pulling away.

I am still wrapped tightly around their ankles, but I grip is beginning to loosen....

Lou Cinda

Helen said...

Oh, Candy .... so many of us have been there and done that. It never, ever gets easier! Have a wonderful day.

Cindy said...

that first pic is so funny. I love it when my kids learned to drive. That meant that they could run errands for me.

come visit
Happy Wednesday

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Candy, what beautiful peaceful places... Bisous... Julie Marie

Kathy said...

Hang in there Mom...the driving thing is huge I know, you expressed it well! I want the first bedroom to lay my weary head down in. Up all night trying to pass a kidney stone, might as well be giving birth! xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Karen Valentine said...

Hang in there sweetie...he'll be just fine!

The pictures you have for us today are so FAB! I just want to crawl in there and soak up the peace....

My Desert Cottage

June said...

Hi Candy,
First let me say how lovely the images you chose for white Wednesday are. Just yummy.
Oh boy do I remember the feelings I had over letting my children drive. We had many dented fenders in ours and other peoples cars, but made it through them all.

Miss Gracie's House said...

*White* knuckles! LOL...Been there, my dear. It's a ride for sure, isn't it?
I can't decide which dreamy bedroom suite I love the most...all so wonderful!
You homeschool? Me, too!

Wizard of Was said...

The whole "White Knuckle" experience continues right into grandparenthood...that's why we all enbrace this wonderful support system calling blogging! Thank you for such wonderful serene bedroom pictures...I feel calm.....
My Best,

Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

What a wonderful post. Best of luck on the drivers test. I love that white bed, so pretty. Take care..Kathi