Friday, September 4, 2009

I pledge...

I will pledge to uphold God first and then my country...
the greatest nation on earth. May we return to
one nation under God.

I grew up pledging my allegiance to an idea, my country, and God. Learning lesson of the founding of our great country, how we started out as a 'city set on a hill,' and reverenced God above all other gods.


Chris said...

You go girl! Amen & AMEN!

NicNacManiac said...

Great post!! Rock it sista!!!

Lady Farmer said...

My thoughts exactly! Thanks for making a stand for God!

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY!!!Candy, Thank YOU as a fellow Proud American Citizen who believes in what our country was founded on. Presidents are not to be pledged to.
I started my blog too for an escape of all this negative, but enough is enough!
As Americans, we have to stand up against what is happening at this moment in our country.
If I had a school-age child they would not be going to school on Tuesday!
Thanks again Candy!!

~Let Freedom Ring!~

The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

Hi Candy, so glad to see your post today, and I'm with you - my parents always talked with us just to get things even from what we learned in school. We are a couple of those tea party silent majority people and what is happening since January is really scary...did you know that Hitler did the same thing as Obama is doing on the 8th...they want to get to the children - I could go on and on, but I'll put that in my post for September 11th! Keep up the fight girl!

Mary said...

Wonderful!!!!! I'm so glad to see other bloggers speaking out...we have to stand together to get the message out..thank you for being a voice in this darkness that they call "stimulus"...There is only one God, and his initials are not B.O.!


blushing rose said...

Candy, you post if so poignant & profound. Beautifully written, TY for doing so. I have stayed away from a political blog myself to be fun & not controversial.

All the gals before me posted, have said it very clearly & profoundly ... I wish I could say more other than I am grateful for our Lord God & I pray that He will protect us from the tactics being thrust upon us by this man living in our nations home, unfortunately.

Great post, great comments.

Have a lovely weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

Terry said...

God Bless you !
I pledge to Pledge allegiance to God not Obama whose actions are Anti God ,Anti American Anti anything not flattering to his ego and personal power agenda.
I had not seen this and I am so glad you shared it .
Please parents keep your children home and protect them from this indoctrination .
Thank you Candy .
Blessings with hugs
Happy Trails

Lorilee said...

I pledge allegience to God and the America that our founding fathers created NOT the current president and his environmental, government rationed healthcare, and throw money at the problem propaganda. We must remain strong and vocal until we can vote him OUT!

Cathy said...

I can't even watch that video, but thank you so much for this. We must stand up for our country!

Mary said...

Hi Candy, me this the actual video being shown to the kids? My son and DIL aren't concerned about it...I wonder if they see it, will they be a little more concerned! I do think I heard that we could find the video on a govt. that where you got it?


Linda K. said...

Super post, thanks for the info.
Many blessings,

Patricia said...

My pledge is as yours - to God and my country - thank you for posting this.