Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Case in point...

It's all about the vintage, altered, embellished
suitcase...and here are some that caught my eye
at Round Top Antique Show this fall.
how clever is this?
I wondered later if they cut out the backs for storage places.

Dixie from French Lique and I
cuttin' up at Theresa's blog party.
Her booth (one of my favorites)
was in the shadows of
Zapp Hall.
Talking Trash Deb, Candy, Theresa, Dixie

This was a vignette that would have made
Goldie Locks curl up and take a nap...
Love it!

Fragments, Perfectly Flawed
a booth full of wonderful creations.
I would like to think of myself as perfectly flawed ;-)

Heading back to the car all hot and red faced,
I had to stop for a pose with
Cactus Jack the hat maker.It was a fun trip and sometimes
we just had to
laugh out loud!
Hope you too will have a day
with a little laughter in it...



T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Candy, I could read most of your post but there was also some wingdings there instead of text. Or is it just me? Looks like you had a great time at Round Top. I love that counter made from suitcases -- or is it wood made to look like suitcases? Cool either way. Hope your day is great. Tammy

Dixie said...

A perfectly poetic post about our trip! Love that photo at Fragments and with Cactus Jack (Daniels)... LOL

Can't wait to see more of the photos you took... Hope to see you soon...

Hugs. Dixie

pat said...

Oh, such fun at Round Top !
I could have stayed all week.
Great pictures.

Sweet Melissa said...

HI! About the picture you posted above of the counter made of suitcases, that is my mom and dad!! That was my mom's creation, and she did indeed cut the backs out of them for storage! :)