Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just back from a quick trip to Dallas with my hubby. He was working and I was out spending it. Found myself at the Grapevine Mills Mall which had a pretty nice book store--Books-A-Million. Well being the magazine junkie that I am, I just had to have this one. Vintage & Victorian...two things that are great all by themselves but put together's just a tiny bit of what's waiting inside.

Living rooms...
and you should see the whole thing.
It's a two pager and
I'm only sharing half.
A center-fold sure to get your heart racing.

and Bedrooms...
I love the mostly white look
but color really does it for me!

and Kitchens...Oh My!

I'm pruddy sure this magazine is going
to add a few wishes to my
Round Top shopping list.

Leaving on Saturday



T's Daily Treasures said...

Haven't seen that magazine before. Of course, we don't a wide variety around here. I stopped buying as they are so expensive and not even the magazines I really want. Have fun at Round Top. Best wishes, Tammy

Dixie said...

and I hope you'll bring you magazine find with you so you can share with your friend Dixie! Got the wine and other misc food stuffs... Will see you at Oma's in the morning! I'm so excited!

hugs! Dixie