Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

Every time I run an errand there
seems to be a Thrift Store in between
and my car must be programed
to turn in. I try to stay on course, but
you know these new cars with GPS & all those
little dingy sounds?
I don't know if my seat belt is off, a door is a jar,
my fuel is low, or maybe the oil...anyway where was I?...
Oh yea, Thrift Stores, I just can't pass on by.

Here are the things that caught my eye today.
Which is good for my first post on
Three or More Tuesday.

Tam at the Gypsy's Corner is the hostess,
so stop by and take a gander.

Don't forget to laugh today!


Anonymous said...

Lol, and nice things!

Gollum said...

I loved this.

Carla said...

My aunt's car has been known to do automatic U turns when she trys to pass a garage sale-must be a similar model:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy, you did a nice job with the mosaic and I adore the picture of the flowerfairy...I used to collect the books (of Cicely Barker) I am not sure it is the same one that drew this picture...I did spent all my pocketmoney as a teenager on books with flowerfairies and I still don't regret it...

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Neat stash there, Candy! And I couldn't agree more...


Sheila :-)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I always say that if God had not intended for me to stop in that thrift store/garage sale/ flea market then he would not have put me in the vicinity of it. ;o)

marty39 said...

Oh do I know what you mean. I think my car has a mind of it's own. Fabulous treasures. I love the baby shoes and the gorgeous plate and . . . .Well, honestly, I love them all. Hugs, Marty

Dixie said...

Candy... I really-really want to get together with you and go thrift shopping one day soon! Love-Love-Love your finds!

hope to see you for Wordless Wednesday... "Books"... would love to see what treasures you've found!
hugs. Dixie

Susan said...

Lots of goodies!!

Happy Three or More Tuesday


ellen b. said...

Ha! I know how it is with those thrift stores. On the way to the market today I veered off to two of them :0) Happy 3 or more!

Gypsy aka Tam said...

You had me laughing out loud. I swear my vehicles beeping, dinging, ringing sounds will cause me sooner or later to be taken away in a straight jacket because I tend to talk to my car like the occassional yell of "What the heck do ya want now" - Hehe.
Loved all the items from the thrift stores - Great 'Three Or More' post thank you for joining the fun.
Have a wonderful evening,

Sherri S said...

Love the items! OH and I visit my local thrift store at LEAST once a week! Have found some great things there. And brought some home too! I have a friend with a GPS that she says 'fusses' at her for going the wrong way and she just fusses right back! LOL

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Candy...thrift stores are little treasure hunts...never know what awaits! Love your finds! Susan

xinex said...

Love all your finds. Thrift stores are one of my favorite places to visit...Christine

tam said...

Hard to pass by such great finds!
Diggin on your header!~Tam :D