Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blast from the Past...

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Family vacation...this was while I was still the
cute baby of the family. It would be a few more
years before my little sister comes to
dethrone me.

I guess rocks have been in my life
since the beginning.

And speaking of
'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'...

that must be where I left that cute little body.
Although my legs still look like that, but for some reason,
it's not quite as cute! ;-)



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Reflections ... said...

Oh my gosh...these pictures are too cute! I love the diving board picture...Ahh...simpler times!

Karyn - (French Charming) said...

CUTEST PICTURES EVER!!! Love the last darn cute!!


~Just me again~ said...

Aww so cute!!

Cherrie said...

These pictures are so cute!

Lynns Lovelies said...

LOVE this post...Miss Cutie~Pie!!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

What darling photos, Candy! Cutiest little bathing beauty ever! All that is missing is the sash and tiara!

Precious memories!


xinex said...

Oh Candy, you were just the cutest baby!! I love your baby pictures and your descriptions are so funny. LOL! Thank you so much for participating in SS...Christine

KBeau said...

You make a great pin up girl.

Barbara said...

Hey Candy, You were a darling little girl, but you are a pretty grown girl. The pictures are great.

Happy weekend.


Sandi (Meme) said...

Those are adorable! Have a great weekend!

HiHo said...

glad I'm running late. I would have missed the bathing beauty...wonderful pictures! pink wishes, heidi

Bellamere Cottage said...

How adorable....what a wonderful post. Yep, I can see the rock "thing" way back then too! Gotta love a great rock...I know that for sure....still LOVING mine! Thank you ever so much.


Dixie said...

Candy... you crack me up!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Love the glamour shot. You definitely were VERY cute. Thanks for the trip back in time.

And thanks for featuring me as your Blog of the Week.

Look at my cute picture. Don't I have cute balls and mallets? Aren't I adorable?